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Be Courageous!

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Last night Dallas and I saw Courageous at the theater—can I just say it’s Sherwood’s best movie yet?! :)


And it’s a good thing I had some tissues in my pocket!


As usual, there is the mix of sadness, tension, laughter, healing….and a very good message through it all.


I think what I love the most is this whole production was prayed over from the start, that it is about doing what God wants and not necessarily to please all the film critics (because if you try to please all them you’ll never win—they can’t even agree! LOL!).   It is truly about doing what God leads.   And the fact that they are serious about ministering in their community as well as touching the larger Christian world.  As Pastor Michael Catt says, “It would be sad if the only thing we were known for is making movies.   That doesn’t matter to the people of Albany. We have people across the street struggling to make the rent. We don’t want to save the world but lose Jerusalem.”


Even though it was a movie about fathers, mothers can be challenged, too–and I am!


I am and will be praying that we will all make the courageous decisions in life that will make a difference–especially to our children.


Thank you, Sherwood Pictures, for again seeking the Lord and producing a good movie with a good message!