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Random Studies

You can’t do fractions while someone is singing a drone accompaniment to a song!   At least, that’s what my 16 year old daughter found out while trying to do some math.   Her younger siblings were singing "One, Two, Three, Jesus Loves Me" and one sister was singing an accompaniment that was more like a drone.  A  high pitched drone!!! 


We also found out, in another study the same day, that it’s hard to have your quiet time when two daughters are singing "We Three Kings" in various harmonies.  Oh, they all sounded nice, but they must have done it for 10 minutes, and only the first verse each time…..


One other study–the best way to make yourself insane is to leave your Christmas sewing until 5 days before Christmas, not including the blouse and jumper you want to make for yourself for a tea tomorrow (blouse is almost done…), and still have to shop for your oldest daughter’s birthday the day before Christmas!   And I can’t talk her into waiting to celebrate her birthday after Christmas!    


Thankfully my dear, dear husband is willing to pick up a few things for me so I can stay home today and sew….but it’s already 1:15 and I’ve not made it to "the temporary sewing room" yet…..


I think getting up at 4:30 when my youngest woke me to nurse might have been my best option!  Then I could have gotten a lot done before the interruptions started…..but a mother’s life is made up of interruptions!   As Annie Keary stated, it is the planned work for that moment, that day!   The Master’s plan, that is!   The only question is, will I humbly submit my agenda and lovingly take care of the multitude of things that make up a mommy’s day, or will I resent those "intrusions" and insist on my agenda?   OUCH! 


Oh, by the way, the "temporary sewing room" is our soon to be master bath and bedroom….I’ve got one daughter sewing in the walk in closet, another in the master bath–just the shower is in there right now–and yet another in the old closet, which is very small.  Maybe she should get the award for "sewing in the smallest space" or "most dedicated to sewing"?!  And the cutting table, my sewing machine, ironing board and sawhorses with the trim my husband is painting are all in the main room.   It’s a big room–good thing!   I just don’t know how we’ll manage when we actually make it a bedroom!  And my husband says he is not adding on again…..


My present to you (if you haven’t already gotten it through my e-mails or from someone else!!) is a funny video entitled "A Homeschool Family" (to the tune of "The Addams Family"–turn up your speakers!)




And here is one that will probably bring tears to your eyes–a young man that believed in his dream, and an admonishment (to me, at least) to not prejudge!    Also, I think it helps me to not give up on my dreams–even if it’s just to have everything run smoothly for ONE day! 


Again–make sure your speakers are on!




Merry Christmas!








3 Responses to “Random Studies”

  1. Homefire says:

    So you found the hs family video, too. Wasn't that a hoot? :-D

  2. Anonymous says:

    My children are going around singing it all the time! We looked up the original Addams Family intro, but they liked the Homeschool Family one better!

    Back to the sewing machine…..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Mrs. Richardson,

    I didn't know you had a blog! Guess what will be about the highest on my "blogs to check" list now! : )

    May God bless you and your family. Love you all! : )

    DB : )

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