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The Lord Has Blessed Us With….

Chicken Pox!!!!


We were supposed to start "school" today (whatever that means!), but instead, my youngest 7 yodd has broken out with chicken pox!  And none of the other children have had it, either!   Sooooo…the next few weeks could prove to be quite interesting! 


Of course it still counts as learning.  All about infectious diseases (health, science).  The immune system (science).  Herbs and vitamins to help the immune system (naturopathic and botanical medicine).  What to do to relieve itching (thinking skills, science, health, medicine). 


I think I should be able to get my medical degree by the time I’m done raising kids!  Or at least my "children’s health practitioner" degree!


And now my 22 month old son just came in from playing in the ashes in the fire ring.  I’ll have to get a picture and post it!  War paint, anyone?!



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  1. Cookingpam777 says:

    Hope you all get better quickly! Chicken Pox can be a nasty thing :(.

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