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Homemade Christmas

 I want to thank everyone who has commented and e-mailed me.   Your prayers and thoughts and words of comfort mean a lot!


I am doing much better physically (now the challenge is to not do too much too soon!).   Emotionally I have my ups and downs!


Now to share……


You can visit Miss Emily Rose’s Homemade Christmas archive!


A few years ago, Anna wanted a red dress up robe from Magic Cabin.  It was quite beautiful, but when I looked at the price– $35!!!–I thought surely I could make something like it!!!


Which is what I did!   The "santa fur" trim isn’t usually on sale, but 50% coupons come in quite handy!


The only bad thing is, the fur is not truly machine washable.  But this is a dress-up robe, so hopefully it won’t get dragged around outside or anything!    I then made one for her sister, who couldn’t believe I made it!   (Little people are easily impressed!    )


I still need to find the frog closures I bought for them.   That’s the problem with buying ahead!  It gets lost in Never-Never Land (that’s my sewing room, in case you didn’t know!)


So here are the happy girls modeling their dress-up robes (I used to know how much I spent on each….can’t remember now, but I can assure you it was WAY less than $35 apiece!).




 Back view!



And here’s Noah looking like THE King of the House in one of them!  



Will Bekah get one to match?   I guess we’ll have to wait and see!  


Another gift I made Charissa for her birthday is this cute poncho!  The pattern is Fun Fur Trimmed Poncho from Lion Brand (and it’s FREE!).    I had to enlist Susannah (aka Suzanna Mae Janae) to help me crochet the fun fur on the edge.  It’s the most I’ve crocheted in my life!  (Unless endless chains that I used to crochet as a kid count for something….)   A friend made it for her daughter and I thought it was SO cute.   It’s an easy pattern, really, and the boucle yarn is quite forgiving of those little mistakes–which I am prone to make–which is why you do NOT see some delicate and intricately patterned lace knit here!




This year I have so many gifts planned!  I’m already a few weeks behind due to life taking a different turn.  But I’m grateful to be able to work with my hands–as I posted awhile back, it’s my therapy!     (Of Archaeological Digs, Spinning Yarns, and Cheap Therapy!)


Are you doing some homemade gifts this year?  Of course you can’t give away your surprise, but maybe you could leave a comment and tell if it’s needlework, sewing, or crafting of some sort?


And be sure to visit Miss Emily Rose at her blog–she’s the one who started this wonderful sharing of our ideas!


Blessings to you as you make memories for your family!

3 Responses to “Homemade Christmas”

  1. LifeofFaith says:

    Dear Mrs. R,

    I am so sorry about what happened. I will continue to pray for you and your family.



    P.S. Those capes are so cute (and so is the poncho)! If you would like to see the cape my wonderful Mama made for me, you can go here: http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/servingtheKingofkings/543161/

  2. magg93 says:

    Those are so adorable and practical for young ladies who want to dress up. I always wanted one when I was younger!

    Have a Great Day!




  3. HeritageofHome says:

    Those are beautiful capes! I would love to try and make one for my daughters. Your girls are beautiful as well. May you be blessed sister in Christ!

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