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Our Family Motto

I think I have found our new family motto!    And where?  Dove milk chocolate/caramel wrappers, of all places!!!!  (Sweeeeet!!!)


I don’t read them all, but when I read this one, I saved it.  It’s perfect!!!!


"In chaos there lies opportunity."


So there you have it!   The Richardson Family Motto in 5 words!  


Off to find more opportunity in the chaos!!!


(A short post….but a sweet one!!!    )





3 Responses to “Our Family Motto”

  1. watalulu says:

    Good Morning Trisch.

    I don't think I have eaten Dove's chocolate before-at least I don't remember.

    When I was little I used to read the little comic in the Bazooka bubblegum-those were always fun.

    Let Susannah know that I made her potato soup yesterday, but I tweaked it so I guess it would be called Lou's Tweaked Susannah's Tweaked Potato Soup. lol

    I just halved it and put no green onions in it. It was quite good.

    I am planning on starting a new tradition for Christmas Eve. That is our present opening, eggnog drinking evening. I bought three cornish hens at Aldi for $1.99 each and I plan on making a cute little meal for three. I have never had a cornish hen before, but recipes.com says you treat them just like a big bird.

    May you and your lovely family have a Merry Christmas.


  2. watalulu says:

    I forgot to say on my 'tweaked' comment earlier that I didn't use the hash browns-but some diced semi cooked potatoes-as suggested. So there you have it. Take Care.

  3. fruitbuns says:

    It sounds like us!

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