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Coughy Break

So where have I been?!   I have had a lot I wanted to post, but either was too tired or doing research on here instead!  (Or dealing with the big bubble wands my dear, sweet boys emptied in their sister’s room all over the carpet and some dolls!  or the lotion they decided to slather on one sister’s Bitty Baby!!!)


All but 4 of us  have been coughing over the past few weeks.  I took one daughter to the doctor, she had bronchitis.  This week I took another, and her lungs are clear!  But her coughing is horrible!  (I hope taking a child to the doctor on Mondays does not become my new tradition!!!  )


There are seven of the children getting into coughing fits at various times, and sometimes, they synchronize!   You should hear them at the supper table–as soon as my husband says, "Amen", a chorus of coughing begins!!!  (I guess they were all trying to hold it in during the blessing!)


So we now jokingly call these, "coughy breaks"!   Or maybe that should be "coughee breaks"?! 


Hopefully I can get back on track blogging soon!   (Both writing and reading!)


Blessings!  (And I certainly hope you are blessed with good health!)

5 Responses to “Coughy Break”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope you all recover soon!


  2. Anonymous says:

    How appropriate! We have had the nose "crud" here at our house. YUCK! More than a cold but not an infection…

    We will be praying for your recoveries! BLesisngs, Kelly in MI


  3. fruitbuns says:

    Do I know what it is like!!!! We had full blown whooping cough, just before I gave birth to dc8. i thought i would split my tummy and i was vaccinated.

    We also had bronchitis 3 years back it was horrid.

    Chew garlic in milk it eases spas,ms.


  4. farmgirls says:

    Hi mommy,

    You put it in a funny way= )

    I love you!!



    Anna pie!

  5. Robinlyn says:

    I hope that everyone is feeling better by now. Bad coughs can hang on for so long though.

    Have a blessed day!

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