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Breaking News!!!

Yesterday, February 11, 2009, was an exciting day at the R household in Tinytown, IN!!!!


Richardson and Rosie, a young couple, decided to frolic about outside.   Richardson went into the barn to explore, up the steps, and across a narrow bridge.   He was showing off his agility and wit to his beloved!  But, alas, not content with that, he decided to show how he could be a mountain goat in the Alps.


Some children were playing  in the barn and saw him go up the stairs and were afraid, due to his boastful character, that he might do something foolish.


Bekah ran into the house and said, "Richardson is up on the loft!  What if he jumps off?!"


Cassia replied, "Well, if he dies, he dies!"


Bekah ran back out to find he HAD jumped, and ran back in to tell the outcome!  "He did jump, and he has a bloody nose!"


Several girls ran out to make sure he was okay, and after determining there were no serious injuries, he was admonished at how STUPID that was!


Rosie seemed relieved, and when asked, Richardson replied, "Na-aa-aa-aah!"  We think that means, "I’d do it again!"


Trisch said, "If it’s not the two legged kids falling out of the barn loft getting head injuries, it’s the 4 legged variety!!!"


She also said she is thinking of renaming this blog, "Looking for a Dull Moment", hoping that life could settle down!!!


And people wonder what we do for entertainment, since we don’t have a TV!!!  



3 Responses to “Breaking News!!!”

  1. fruitbuns says:

    We do have TV, it didn't work in our case, Lol!

    Are they getting better now?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am hoping and thinking your family is now feeling better! YEAH!

    So much more to life with out a TV isn't there!!! We too are often entertained with life as we don't have TV either…like the summer our son then 8 just up and stripped naked (gulp) stood up on the fence pole by the barn and started crowing like a rooster…he explaination…rooster don't wear clothes why should he!?! (But then we did notice that he had gotten muddy in our mud hole aka the pond! LOL

    Blessings, Kelly


  3. Jacque says:

    Glad to hear the story. I wondered when I read that on the HDG group! Real life is better than fiction!! hehee

    You are too funny: "Looking for a dull moment"!! hahaa… yeah… or a q u i e t one! Guess that is why I am up so late….

    Hope to see you soon!




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