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Please Pray for Millie

With my dear friend’s permission, I am asking for prayer for our special "China Doll", Millie.  My friend and her husband (and older daughter!) adopted Millie almost a year ago from China.  She just turned 3, but is more like maybe 18-20 months old developmentally.  It is hard to know how much is just delay from being in an orphanage from birth, or how much might be neurological issues. 


It is difficult as she does not speak yet (a few words, and she does sign words, too).  She understands many things, but cannot tell her family what is wrong.  She has gone through night terrors, some regression and an eating strike this past fall, and recently, after a bout with antibiotics for an ear infection, didn’t eat well again.  She is eating a bit better, but it’s mostly thickened pureed foods as she doesn’t care for texture (she had a cleft palate, which has since been repaired). 


She has the sweetest smile and just melts your heart! 


Her family needs prayers to know how to help her–it is so hard as she cannot communicate what she is feeling, but lately, she has been putting her hands up to her face, as if shielding from things that frighten her. There seems to be no rhyme or reason–even in her own home, where she feels very secure, she will suddenly be fearful–a terrorized fearful–and cry.   My friend has told me that even in her sleep sometimes she will have her hands up shielding her face.


Please pray for them to have wisdom, for God to lead them to the right counselors (they have had to sort through a LOT of worldy stuff through this!), and to know how best to help her. 


And most of all, please pray that God will touch her mind, body and spirit, and that she will feel that peace that passes all understanding.


Thank you so much for praying for my dear friends and their special little girl!


Blessings on your day!

3 Responses to “Please Pray for Millie”

  1. fruitbuns says:

    willl do…..

  2. Jacque says:

    how she is doing. When I see her mama on FB, I wonder, since I don't know their family too well. Thanks for this prayer request, though, because it does help to know how to pray.

    I have also been wondering about you! So sorry about the little doe! :( We have 3 bucks to sell, but no doe. We only got one in the last litters. darn (in my best Charlie Brown voice).

    I hope you are all getting well. If you are, we need to finally get together!

    (((HUGS))) and blessings~



  3. goatgirl46 says:

    thank you dear dear friend!!!!!! i'm at a loss for words…but you just said it best. PRAYER!!!

    thank you, thank you!!!!!

    love you much!

    ,marna (momma to Millie and goatgirl)

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