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Blog Woes….

When you’re logged into your mommy’s account as well as your own, and you do something with both templates at the same time, you will likely end up with either your mommy’s posts on your blog, or your template on your mommy’s blog.


We’ve made this mistake before, but thankfully a friend had saved my daughters’ information!   I had been meaning to do that with mine…..then the whooping cough hit, and I forgot all about it.


Until today!


So, the posts are the same, sidebar has some extras and the wrong counter (although mine is still working, I think!), and we will try to get this fixed.   In our spare time.  You know–one of those dull moments?!  (Where are they, anyway?!)


Hope you don’t mind looking at my daughters’ template while we figure this out!


Have a Blessed Resurrection weekend!

3 Responses to “Blog Woes….”

  1. farmgirls says:

    Now which daughter did that?!! Surely not your favorite firstborn daughter?

    Love you! Sorry I made such a mess!


  2. lifeintheday says:

    I'm a fairly experienced Blogger user, but I have not figured out this Homeschool Blogger stuff yet. I wanted to embed a video of Wintley Phipps doing "Go Down Death" and I had to give up for now. I'm glad to know that your technical woes are coming into submission. :) I've been reading your daughters' blog, and I just love it. Great job, mom!

  3. AnnieKate says:

    It's great to know that it's not just newbies like me who have blog woes! I loved reading your post about mommies going out to play. Being a recovering burn-out victim, I heartily agree with you.

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