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Thankful Thursday

I know there might already be someone with a theme like this, but I decided to start one for myself!


It is soooooo easy to get our eyes off what’s right and onto what’s wrong in our daily lives, our families, our city, country, the world…….and there’s plenty wrong!   Remember this quote by Abraham Lincoln?  "If you look for the bad in people, you will surely find it."   Proverbs 11:27 has the opposite:  "He that diligently seeketh good procureth favour:  but he that seeketh mischief, it shall come unto him."   Umm….I think I would rather diligently seek the good and procure favor rather than mischief and then get what I was looking for!!!!  


So, want to join me?   Here’s my button:



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So, what am I thankful for this Thursday?


My wonderful church family.   We have been so blessed to fellowship with like-minded believers for 7 years now.  We drive 1 hour 15 minutes one way, but it is worth every bit of it.  These brothers and sisters in Christ really pray for you.   And they are so generous!  When you see the financial statements once a year, a good portion of the money goes to needs in the body.   We meet at a nursing home, and they started meeting there for a free place to have church.  Over the years, they’ve realized that that is the ministry God has for our church, as we can bring some of the residents down for our service.  Some of them are not altogether "with it" mentally, but we know their spirits are still being ministered to.  They ask for prayer requests of the residents that attend and pray for them. 


In spite of having land to build on, they feel that our ministry as a church is right where we are.


We get down on our knees and pray for our nation every Sunday.  And usually, that means we’re praying for ourselves–to examine our own lives and be the salt as God intended.


When my husband had his serious accident 4 1/2 years ago, he ended up in one of the hospitals in the city where church meets.   The night of his accident, fully half our church was represented by one or both spouses, and many stayed way late into the night until they got word he was stable.   Our pastor stayed with me until Dallas was in a room at ICU, which was after midnight.


They sat in the ICU lounge with me.  They brought me food and made sure I was not on my feet too much (I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and had had contractions the night of the accident).  They sent meals to my girls, drove them all the way to our home as well as drove there to pick up clothes and things for me.   One lady did my laundry.  Another brought me breakfast and fellowship many mornings.  Different ones signed up to bring us nice dinners when Dallas was doing a bit better.


That is just one glimpse!


We live farther away, yet they will find ways to let you know they care. 


I am so grateful to the Lord for bringing us to this fellowship.   And I’m grateful to my wonderful husband, who usually hates to drive so much, for being willing to go there!    It was his choice, ultimately, and he hasn’t regretted it a bit!


The sermons are from the heart, and our pastor truly seeks God’s will and not just a nice fluffy "feel-good" sermon.  I am totally amazed how he will often preach on the very thing God is showing me that week!  Just last Sunday, I kept telling my husband, "He’s been reading my book!"  (I had been reading Ron Auch’s book When He Appears, which I highly recommend!)   How wonderful to have a pastor who really seeks God’s heart, listens to Him and isn’t afraid to preach what he’s  heard! 


Much to be grateful for!  And if you’re reading this, my Keefer Creek family, I love you all!


So what are you thankful for?



4 Responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. fruitbuns says:

    So pleased for you. I wish we could find a fellowship, but they are not homeschool friendly and always want children in the creche!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much. You were featured on the main homeschoolblogger page and I thought I'd check you out. You are now saved in my favorites!! Love the music too!! My hubby listened to it while I read. In between the joyful screaming of the kids. :-)


  3. Mama9blessings says:

    Thank you, Lyn, for your kind words! I am glad you found some encouragement–and I understand about trying to listen to anything on the computer with "background" noise! : )

    Jenny, I know what you mean–we used to go to my dad's church for Father's Day, and there seemed to be a "greeting team" ready to whisk everyone away to their respective "clases" so the adults could "worship in peace". We did always get nice compliments after the service, though! I think beforehand people must have been dreading "all those kids" and the noise they thought they'd make! ; )



  4. pat elsing says:

    trisch is your birthday June or july 17th.i think it is june. which woudlbe today! i've been trying to keep up with your bog so i know what is going on in your life.

    i'm very glad to get brits graduation done! She want to attend Mankato State university. Major in Biology. (zoology ) she loves to work with animls. like maybe a zoo. Amanda is doing good living in Minneapolis now. going to school at the arts Instistute. she loves it there.

    my dad is 87 next monsth and has alzimers. Bonnie is taking good care if him. she does work part time, but puts him in adn adult day care, which his seems to like. there. are other guys there that have been through the war too. so they have somthing in common to talk about.

    Stan and mary are doing fine. stan has retired from farming. he is 77. but he does help merle in the field some. they attend SR. citizines day on mondays in rushmore.They play cards and just got through making a quilt. it is beautiful!! other wise they like to go to bingo at least 2 day's a week. and of course church on sunday.well i hope to hear fromyou soon .. take care. love pat

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