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Thankful Thursday~~on Friday!

I didn’t get to post yesterday, because….well….of the reason I’m thankful!



I was thinking about a few different things to post about yesterday morning.  I got a call at noon that my friend who is due in a few weeks needed to get things going for her labor due to having high blood pressure.  Of course I had been praying for her, that all would go well.  They lost their last baby, and I can so feel for them as we lost a baby boy at 38 weeks 18+ years ago.  So I knew how very special this baby was to them (not that they all are, but I’m sure you understand what I mean!).    I wanted all to go well for her!


So I headed up to the birth center, and bless her heart, nothing much was happening!   Later in the evening, she had to take the "wonderful" castor oil cure!  (bleh!)   She was such a trooper!  That started things to get a little more serious, but at 10:30 ish p.m. she was still not in a regular pattern.  


Well, at 12:15 a.m., baby was here!   God blessed her with a fairly quick delivery, and really, much easier than one might expect for natural induction!  (I’m sure my friend might say differently!   )


I didn’t ask permission to post her picture, but take my word for it–she’s beautiful!


So, for today, I am VERY grateful to God for helping my friend through her labor and delivery and for protecting her sweet little baby girl!   Mama, Daddy and big sister were doing well, too, when I left early this morning!


Thank You, Heavenly Father, for Your precious care and help, and for blessing my dear friends with their beautiful baby girl!


What are you thankful for today?   Please post a comment and let me know! 







One Response to “Thankful Thursday~~on Friday!”

  1. LordsHandmaiden says:

    I'm thankful for the gift of my children and that they are all healthy and well today.

    I'm thankful for the rain to water the earth this past week and the sun that shines (finally!) on it today.

    May His Spirit so water our lives and may the Light of His Love never cease to shine on us.

    I'm thankful you encouraged me to be thankful!

    P.S.-Tell your friend congratulations for me!

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