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“Sunday” Psalm and Praise~According to Your Mercy




As usual, I am a day behind!  (Or maybe I’m 5 days ahead?!  )




I had a wonderful "revelation" in the Psalms last week and want to share it.




Psalm 25:7

"Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions:  according to Thy mercy remember Thou me for Thy goodness’ sake, O Lord."

In the Jewish Tanakh, it reads:




"Be not mindful of my youthful sins and transgressions; in keeping with Your faithfulness consider what is in my favor, as befits Your goodness, O Lord."



The thing that really struck me this:



If I want the Lord to remember me according to His mercy, to consider what is in my favor……then shouldn’t I do the same with others?!



To think of and remember others according to the mercy I want Him to show to me!!!!



Ah, too often it is "one weight for me, and a different weight for you" which the Lord clearly condemns!  (Proverbs 20:10)



We want a lighter "weight" when it comes to judging our actions and intentions, but a heavier one for others!   I liked how Coach Grant Taylor, the character in Facing the Giants, put it when talking to a player, "You can’t judge your dad by his actions and yourself by your intentions."   



But too often I fall into that trap!  Oh, Lord, deliver me!



I am going to write out this verse and put it on my mirror.  I need that daily reminder that if I want mercy, I must show mercy.  (Matthew 5:7)



I pray you will show others mercy– remember them, think of them, with the same mercy you want your Heavenly Father to remember you by, think of you with, and show you.




Grateful for His merciful lovingkindness!



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  1. Handmaiden says:

    Thank you for the reminder. I am going to post that verse where I can be reminded daily too. Love your blog.

    Walking in His footsteps


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