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Did we do it?




Head over to Seven Sisters and find out! 




Have a nice weekend!

3 Responses to “Sew…..”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed visiting your daughter's blog! Great Job on the jumpers! They are Amazing! I loved the contrasting trim on the jumpers! So cute! The little boys are adorable in their shirts! Congratulations on meeting your goal — and then some!

  2. http://jacquedixon.com says:

    I made an icon for Hands and Hearts, the Estes family business. I needed one for my blog, and I am going to put it on GTH too.

    I thought you might want the grab it for your blog too.



    Hope you are well~

    Love to all~

    Off to visit the girls' site….


  3. http://jacquedixon.com says:

    How wonderful!! They did such a nice job!

    They are delightful! I love the colors! And what nice shots of the boys!

    Isaac and Caleb loved the pictures!


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