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Sew Crazy!

If you have read my daughters’ blog (Seven Sisters), you might know that we have this crazy idea of sewing 8 jumpers and 4 shirts (for the boys!) before Friday, when we plan to go to the Creation Museum! 




I had bought different colors of gingham at least 2 children ago  to make matching jumpers.  Well, we’ve added a few children and all the children have gotten much taller, so I needed to try to find some matching gingham in the smaller check in similar colors (as we are wearing contrasting colors in bands, ties and bias around the neck and arms!).  I spent an hour between Wal-Mart (a bust) and our local sewing center (more expensive, but wider and it was very close in color!).   So all we got done last night was washing the fabric!




Today we had a major cutting out session, a hashing out session (as some dear daughters didn’t want the bias tape, others did, then some wanted it smaller, some didn’t…..ai yi yi yi yi!!!), an "I’m getting tired of making all these decisions and figuring out" session, and a few daughters have gotten their jumpers well on their way!




I’m just glad we have 7 sewing machines (although one is at a friend’s house!) and 6 willing seamstresses!



Now if I could just get the dog to quit messing on the floor…..




If you want, you can go to Seven Sisters and vote–do you think we can "git ‘er done"?!

















Although not a seamstress on this project, Bekah is a good ripper-outer–even if it was her sister that made the mistake! 





3 Responses to “Sew Crazy!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love all the sewing machines on the table! We had much the same when my mom and I made the bridesmaids dresses and flower girl dress. Only it was just 2 sewing machines and 2 sergers! Have fun!

    Jennifer (just7)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow — that is amazing that all of your daughters sew so well! I sure hope you all are able to pull this off! I can't help but remember when all of your girls were little and you had your hands quite full and you used to lament on the WS loop about your struggles. The Lord has surely blessed you and you must be enjoying the sweet fruit of your labors!

    many blessings,


  3. Anonymous says:

    I have several containers of sewing patterns and I don't have time to sew anymore. Many are jumper patterns, and we don't really wear jumpers much anymore either. Would you be interested in any of them? I'm not sure what to do with them, but hate to just throw them away. I thought about Kathy's family as well. Let me know if you are interested.


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