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“A Place for God and God in Every Place”

That isn’t original with me.  But it really caught my eye…..and my heart.  I’ve been reading over at Ann Voskamp’s blog, A Holy Experience.   The actual post where she shared this thought is "A Place for Everything".




And I found that as a link from another good post, which I highly recommend:  "How to Build a House of Prayer" (today’s post).




And I got the link to that (don’t you love it?!) from:  "Prayer: Why We Struggle (and How Not To) " Warning!  It is very convicting!  (But very, very needful and true!)




"Walk With Him Wednesday" is what she is calling this meme.




I’m going back to slowly soak in more.   Won’t you join me?




Won’t you make a place for God, in your life, your home, your day…….so that your life, your family, your home– your heart–becomes…….



"A place for God and God spilling into every place."

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