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It’s Easier to Talk Than to Pray

It’s easier to talk than to pray.  



It’s easier to talk, talk, talk to others about problems, situations, circumstances, crises, relationship issues, than it is to pray, pray, pray to the Only One Who can do anything about it all anyway.



And the more we talk, talk, talk about these things to others, the less we pray, pray, pray and the more we start thinking things depend on "us" doing this or that or saying this or that or fretting about this or that and making sure "we" do/say the right thing…..



All the while, the one thing we really could do, and it would be THE right thing…..we don’t do.



Because we’ve expended all that energy talking.



And maybe, just maybe, we’ve believed a lie that praying isn’t really going to solve the problem anyway.

What a tragedy–and what a lie!

It isn’t wrong to talk to others or pray with others…..but first we should talk to the Lord.  And realize that nothing "depends all on me".   Nothing.  He is in control.  I am His channel, His hands, feet and mouth on this earth.

But I have to be in communion with Him to see what HE would have me do or say. 

My heart should be full of Him.  Then my mouth will speak sweet words that have far more effect than my fretting, anxious heart could produce.  That would only produce fretting, anxious "it depends on me" words that only alienate.


Or pray.

It’s our choice.


But only one brings peace.  

Only one brings true resolutions.

What a privilege to be able to talk with THE King of Kings about anything and everything.

Will you exercise that privilege today?

Will you talk……or pray?

6 Responses to “It’s Easier to Talk Than to Pray”

  1. Anonymous says:

    AMEN sister!!!!


  2. Dana Lewis says:

    Hello! Waving Wildly from Florida!!!

    Ronda and I are on a message board together. She just posted a link to your TTAP testimony and I was so shocked, surprised and happy to see your sweet face smiling back at me! We have talked of and thought of your sweet family often.

    I just wanted to say Hello!

    Dana Lewis


  3. angdesa says:

    This is an excellent post, Trisch!! This has been a hot topic on my heart and mind lately. It can be very tiresome to visit believer's blogs and be inundated with this very talk, talk, talk… I am always refreshed when I visit your blog though. Thanks again for posting this.


    Angela :)

  4. Kathy says:

    SO True…Sometimes we DO need a freind but we ALWAYS need Jesus. AND even if you start out with your heart in the heart place, things get cloudy as other's hangups get brought into your drama.

    Example? My son was just diagnosed with a disease. I am trying to figure it all out: to those around me and family (and prayer) Now I have people explaining that my son isnt being healed (its been few days since diagnosis) because of my lack of faith. Or he needs to see their random Dr for something else..or NOW I am praying more :)



  5. Anonymous says:

    Getting right to the heart of the matter again, Trisch! Thank you! Have you ever read Eyes of Wonder, Jewels' blog? Been reading some older stuff from there much along these same lines. Thank you for the breath of fresh air…..



  6. OldPathsMom says:

    The Lord has been speaking to me all day on one particular issue….and your post just reinforced it….Just when I thought that *maybe* I could go to bed and try to forget that the Lord had already instructed me to go to HIM with the issue at hand…..just when I thought I might be able to sneak out of it. There you go reminding me ;) Thank you.

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