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Safety Harbor, Here She Comes!!!

            After a while you may be wondering why it is so quiet on here.  It’s because…


  … Mommy is currently in Atlanta, Georgia—on her way to Safety Harbor, Florida for the annual T-Tapp reteat!!!!!

   We girls have been partying—I mean behaving   since she left .  Actually, we’ve been good girls so far .   We’ve cleaned up two of the messiest rooms in the house, and actually dusted them!  And when I say clean, that means clean-under-the-couches-and-in-the-corners kind of clean : D  One of the younger girls asked "Is someone coming over, or are we just cleaning to be cleaning?"  : D  We older girls laughed because it is kind of a joke that we never dust unless someone is coming over (and usually not even then!)


  Daddy said if we get all our work done the first part of the nine days that she’s gone, we can "party" (or maybe I should say do fun stuff) the last part : D  I’m not sure yet what fun stuff we’re going to do, but I’m sure we’ll find some somewhere!


  Anyways, now you have the reason for her quiet blog : )  I have a very strong feeling that it isn’t near as quiet in that van!  She’s riding with two other friends, and from what I hear, when put together, they must be a riot : D


(updating for Mommy : )

4 Responses to “Safety Harbor, Here She Comes!!!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm so happy for your Mom that she gets to go! And a bit jealous too!!! I hope she has a wonderful time and what a blessing you girls are to clean up the house for her while she is gone!


    Elizabeth (busymomof10)

  2. Mirage @ http://everypreciousjoy.blogspot.com/ says:

    It sounds like your mom is having a great time! :D And that's really wonderful of you to clean! When I have free time I love to crochet. I'd rather sit with a good book or a hook and yarn for fun and relaxation than just about anything else. I started to crochet when I was 8 and have loved it ever since.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awwww, you girls are so sweet and your mom is precious! I've never met her, hope to some day, but feel I already know her heart and I'm sure her children are as lovely as she is!

    Lots of love to you,

    JeanM from the t-tapp forum!

  4. Jacque Dixon http://jacquedixon.com says:

    Glad we got to see you girls last week. Hoping your Mom makes it home safely – if she hasn't already…

    Looking forward to hearing how things went in FL.

    Have fun celebrating, and cute about the question… we get the same thing. We do, however, clean up quite a bit now on Fridays, in preparation for Shabbat. Gets everyone in the once-a-week deep cleaning mode – and I love that!


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