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Another One of Those “Never a Dull Moments”!!!

Today’s "Thankful Thursday" post is being interrupted to bring you the breaking news–




I was headed back into my room when I saw Noah (4-almost-5-years-old) outside my window.  I heard him laughing and saw tissues on the ground.  I open the window and say,

"WHAT are you doing?!"

He immediately has a sober look on his face, in the sea of tissues AND toilet paper, and says,

"I-yayah is throwing down Kleenexes.  I’m not doing it."

Me: "WHERE is he throwing them down FROM?!" 

I’m already beginning to figure it out, but he answers,

"From up there in the bafroom." 

"Up there" is the upstairs bathroom!  

I tear through the house running upstairs, visions of my 3 year old son falling out of the window (we’re kind of partial to head injuries around here, if you remember), yelling,


(That is for dramatic effect so they can all be as terrified as me!!!)

I get to the bathroom, and there the tiniest T-P-er in the county stands, aware that he is in trouble.  I notice the bathroom window screen is off.  I holler down to Noah,

"WHERE is the screen?"

Noah answers,

"I don’t know.  He didn’t throw that down."   

(I’m beginning to have a hard time not cracking a smile—now that I know the T-P-er is not falling out the upstairs window!)

"Clean it up NOW!"  I holler.

I come down to the sunroom to report to my older daughters who have wondered what in the world is going on, and then I lose it.

No, not crying, hysterical laughter!

"Quick, quick!  Get the camera!  Take a picture!!!"    

As my dear friend, Heather, said, they did this just so I could post about it on my blog!

And I guess I AM thankful–that my son did NOT fall out of the window, and that they only emptied the upstairs trash, one box of Kleenex and 1 roll of toilet paper!!!!

Of course you want to see pictures, right?!



The small window upstairs is the one Isaiah

was throwing them down from!




Even little T-P-ers have to clean up

after themselves!!!



And now, life is back to normal…..well, for a little while! 




P.S.  Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a NICE surprise—no T-P-ers! 

6 Responses to “Another One of Those “Never a Dull Moments”!!!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just loved the picture of you running through the house hollering for the girls!!! Too CUTE AND Funny!



  2. Anonymous says:

    This is HILARIOUS!!!! If you thought life with girls was never boring, that was BEFORE you had BOYS!!! Now you are really LIVING on the EDGE!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!


    Elizabeth, mom to SIX boys and four girls!


  3. farmgirls says:

    Oh my! When Mrs. Kemerly told me about this I was laughing so much! First when she said "toilet paper" I thought, "Oh no! They emptied the big box of it in the garage!" So I was relieved to find out it was only one roll, one box of Kleenexes, and the trash : D

    Love you!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Toooo funny! I guess we have a choice to either laugh or cry when it comes to boys. I think you made the best choice :o)


  5. Fredrica (a T-Tapper) says:

    Those boys are just too cute and so not girls! It will be fun to see how they turn out with all those older sisters. At least they should have ample experience of the feminine psyche!

  6. Mirage says:

    LOL! Oh my! Little stinker… Hehe! That put a smile on my face. The things kids do! ;)

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