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A “Top O’ the Morning” Giveaway! (AND Please Vote!!!)


If you missed last week’s giveaway winner announcement, click HERE!




I have to have my priorities straight, soooooo…..


My daughters’ blog, Seven Sisters is up for "Best Teen Group Blog" on The Homeschool Blog Awards!


So if you aren’t already voting for a friend, family, etc., PLEASE consider voting for them HERE!


If you’ve never been to their blog (can’t imagine, but just in case!), you can visit them HERE!



Now that we have that taken care of,  on to the NEXT giveaway!!!!


You might be familiar with the name "Frances Ridley Haveral"– the hymnwriter who wrote "Take My Life And Let It Be" along with about 100 more. 


She learned to read at the age of 3, at 4 she began reading and memorizing the Bible, at 7 she started writing verse!  She gave her life to the Lord at age 14, and memorized the New Testament, Psalms, Isaiah and the Minor Prophets!


It is said that she never wrote a line without first praying over it.



She wrote "Morning Bells" as a complimentary book to her "Little Pillows".  "Morning Bells" was written to help children to awaken with Christ each morning.  LIttle ones are challenged to imitate Christ as they seek to live for Him in their daily lives.


I have a new copy of "Morning Bells", in paperback, that I am giving away this week!  


You can check it out at Amazon.com—follow THIS link.


Carol Brandt, author of "Old Paths for Little Feet" said of this book, "This is child evangelism as it should be: plain, simple, truthful, without manipulation or deceit."


I recently purchased a used copy that has both Little Pillows and Morning Bells and started using it last night with my littles!  I read about this at Ann Voskamp’s blog, A Holy Experience, in this post:  "How to Build a House of Prayer" (a very, very good post, by the way!  But aren’t they all?!) 


To enter this giveaway (you can do any combination of the following):


1. Tell me how you will use this book (or if you will give it as a gift) if you win.


2. Tell me what you are using now as a devotional with your children.


3. Are you memorizing Scripture?  And helping your children?   Let me know what you are memorizing, and any neat ideas you have for writing God’s Word on the hearts of your children.


4. Do you sing hymns/choruses/Scripture songs regularly as a family?  What are your favorites?  


5. Tell 3 friends about this giveaway.


6. Spread the word through blogs, forums, facebook, twitter, and link back to here.  Let me know that you did!  If you posted on your blog, be sure to leave me your blog address so I can check YOUR blog out!  (Neat way to find new blogs!)



If you decide to learn the song "Take My Life and Let It Be" by Frances Ridley Havergal this week (sing ALL the verses), let me know each day that you are singing it and learning it (I don’t expect you to memorize it, although it will get very familiar!  ) and any other entries you make that day will count DOUBLE!   



You may enter as many times as you like on #5 & #6, and if you come up with more ideas on #1, #2, #3 & #4, that is fine, too! 


Obviously #7 will just be reported once a day! 



This giveaway will run through midnight on Saturday, November 21, and the winner will be announced on Sunday, November 22. 



Be sure to leave me a way to contact you if you win!   I’m looking forward to seeing all your ideas for devotionals, memorizing helps and what songs you are learning!    Let’s have fun!



4 Responses to “A “Top O’ the Morning” Giveaway! (AND Please Vote!!!)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, if I win it; I would plan on using it with my little brothers. I already pray with them almost every night before bed(when I hug and kiss them). I need to spend the time to really invest- I usually pray the same exact thing for them(although I really want that for their life!).

    Have a great day! :)


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello Trisch !

    Heather Crosswhite here from NC :) Even IF this was not a give-away book / gift, it is certainly an interesting resource to look into ! We love to learn about hymn history and that is in alot of ways makes the hymns of old so powerful even after hundreds of years….they were given under direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit and usually under diress circumstances…making the hymn writer cry out to God for help ! No wondering the new "praise and worship" songs are lacking !! ….. (sorry, just my opinion coming FROM that type of church enviroment)

    We sing as a family although we range in degrees of capability ;) It is all about the heart right ?!

    We are currently challenging ourselves to memorize the entire chapter of Matt 5….working on it individually and also apart of the school schedule….I greatly appreciated some of the memorizing ideas from Ann Voskamp a few days ago…did you see that post ?

    And YES ! we do know the hymn "Take My Life" :) it should be a daily theme song for the life of any serious Christ lover !

    I know that our family , but especially my 12 year old daughter would enjoy the book….she loves to sing AND loves to READ about history.

    Blessings and thank you for sharing this resources !

    Heather Crosswhite


  3. Anonymous says:


    IF I won I would use this as a memorizing/copy work tool for my younger children! I have never heard of this book/author! I have been looking for something to use in this way! It would be GREAT for my children to "take this to bed with them!"

    Great ideas, Trisch!!

    -Carol (Mom 7 Plus)

  4. eshell says:

    We read the Bible every morning for our devotional. We LOVE scripture songs by the Rick Liebee family. My day always feels complete with the Bible first and singing in the afternoon if no school gets done for the day I feel that the most important task, creating hearts that thrist for God is fostered. Also, Patti Valliant produces beautiful scripture songs set to music.

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