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The Path of His Presence

What path am I walking?  


"Lowliness is a love of nothingness.  When we willfully give everything to Jesus, we are left with nothing.  God keeps taking away and taking away until the only thing we have left is God!"

~From "The Heart of the King" by Ron Auch


Some thoughts from "The Satisfied Heart" by Ruth Myers, from Day 9, "He Draws Me Near":



"Because you are a special treasure to God, He is working to draw you into a deeper love for Him–away from any idols in your life, away from rival interests, away from giving first place to His good gifts instead of to Him….


"Every hour since you first met Him, He has been pursuing you, seeking to draw you closer….as a bridegroom His bride.  He wants you near.



"And how does He draw us?


"I believe He grants all of us certain love-gifts that help us move closer to Him and know Him better.  Five of these stand out to me as foundational to our love relationships with Him.


"The first love-gift is His Word, where we find out most beautiful and comprehensive portrait of Him.  As we take time to read and listen, He keeps telling us there–from cover to cover and in a multitude of ways–not only that He loves us, but also how and why and how much."



"Another of God’s love-gifts–His basic provisions to help us know Him better–is His indwelling presence through the Holy Spirit.  As we feed on God’s Word, the Spirit empowers us to see and understand the Lord and His love.  He takes the truths about Jesus and makes them real to us in the core of our being, in the holy sanctuary deep within us.  As a result, our knowledge of the Lord is more intimate than our knowledge of anyone else…..The Spirit Himself fills our hearts with God’s love (Romans 5:5) so that it satisfies us and flows out to others."



"The third love-gift that helps usknow God and His love better is the body of Christ—other believers He places in our lives……no one is a perfect channel of God’s love.  But we can also see the Lord in one another if we want to.  We can choose to concentrate on Christ in them, making their strengths our major focus, rather than their flaws and failures.  As we behold Christ in one another, He draws us closer to Himself."



"The fourth basic provision, or love-gift, is simply the circumstances of daily life.  God wants to enrich us through knowing Him better and becoming more like Him.  To this end He arranges our days with the proper mixture of joys and trials, gains and losses, pleasure and pain.  He holds our lives in the hollow of His hand, and into that place of security He brings the blessings and troubles we need……"



"These love-gifts–God’s Word, His Spirit, other believers, and the circumstances He allows or sends—draw us closer to Him.  They help us stay on the path of obedience, which I think of as the fifth love-gift that helps us know God better. We can run through life with the Lord only when we choose His paths–the paths where He manifests His presence.  He won’t run with us on paths of disobedience.  It’s not that He’ll forsake us, even as the sun does not forsake the earth when night falls or when thick clouds roll in.  But if we aren’t walking in His ways, God’s presence won’t be real to us.  We won’t enjoy the privilege of prayer (another love-gift) the way He desires; we won’t know His warm, glad companionship."



"Running with God also includes running with perseverance the course marked out for us (Hebrews 12:1).  We’re running with One whose earthly race ended in a cross, and our own path includes the fellowship of His sufferings.  This includes doing the difficult tasks He sends our way.  I may fantasize that just around the corner life will become easy–just as soon as this or that particular commitment is over, this deadline met, this job done, and on and on.  But according to Luke 9:23, will the day come when I won’t have to deny myself to follow Him?


"Do I even want such a day to come?  My heart has been stirred by Phillips Brooks’ poem:



Be strong.

We are not here to play, to dream, to drift.

We have hard work to do, and loads to lift.

Shun not the struggle; face it.  ‘Tis God’s gift."


I have not always been on this path, where God makes His presence known.   He is always there.  I am not. 



It is my choice.



But only one choice leads to refreshment and enjoyment of Him.



O God, I have felt far from You–yet You are there.


It is me that has chosen not to walk the path where Your presence is manifested. 



Because that path hurts, Lord.  It hurts down deep.



Yet–it is the path of healing, because You are there.  You are the Great Physician of my soul.



I choose….I choose Your path, Your ways.


I choose….to dwell on You, Your loveliness, Your beauty, Your Truth….so that I can know You intimately–more intimately than anyone or anything else.  

(For what I meditate upon will determine how much and with what–or whom– I will become intimate.)



Draw me….near to Your side…into a deeper, more intimate love.



I love You, my Lord, my Heavenly Bridegroom~


And Lover of my soul.



4 Responses to “The Path of His Presence”

  1. DB :) says:

    Thanks, Mrs. R.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I "met" your girls on their blog after seeing the little link on HeartsNHands blog (Deanna). How fun to see the pictures of such a nice, large family! My girls are 9 and 7 and my son is 5 and we're hoping we can have one more. I'll be asking my girls what they'd think of having 5 sisters. They'd probably love it.

    I noticed in your profile that you are a "wifey"…. you're the only other person I've heard refer to herself that way…. that's been my husband's and my term probably since we were married. I'm his "favorite wifey" – of course, I'm his ONLY one, so I have to be his favorite. :)

    We homeschool too…. nice to "meet" you!

    ~Michelle (www.homesteadblogger.com/mic – woefully behind, but come for a visit if you have time)

  3. goatgirl46 says:

    Merry Christmas!

    Next thing on the list, new years eve! fun, fun!


  4. That Spicy Girl says:

    Were catching up with our visiter counter! A bit less then a 1,000 :)


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