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Loving Others

A season of quietness here…..my Father has been speaking to my heart in quiet ways.  



I have been asking a question……many times over my 30+ years of walking with Him, but really, truly, wanting to know…..



How do I pray?  I mean, really, truly, touch-the-heart-of-God pray?



He’s been answering.  Not a 1-2-3 and you’re done formula.  For God doesn’t work in formulas.



He works with hearts.  Humble, broken, yielded, trusting-in-Him-alone hearts.



Probably one of the biggest things we pray for and about is the salvation of the lost and getting along with hard-to-love people (both saved and not!)



I just want to share a few thoughts from Michael Catt’s book, The Power of Persistence.  



"William Law said, ‘There is nothing that makes us love a man so much as praying for him.’ "



"Again, there is nothing that will make us love the lost like praying for them.  We can’t reach out until we reach up.  When Isaiah saw the Lord, he was broken and burdened.  The only way we will keep a passionate heart for evangelism is if our eyes are fixed on the Lord, high and lifted up."



"I repeat again because it is so true:  there is nothing that will make us love people like praying for them.  Prayer is not conquering God’s reluctance; it’s laying hold of God’s willingness."



"We will impact the world with the gospel when we quit depending on programs, methods, and promotion.  The salvation of the lost is not even dependent on a well-organized missions organization.  The world is looking for people with integrity in their lives and love in their hearts.  They will know we are Christians (and will want to know why we are different) when we love one another."



Are you struggling with loving someone?  Are you discouraged about someone who seems closed to the Gospel?



Pray for them!  Pray from your heart and pray the Scriptures. 



I’ll be sharing more in the coming days of my journey…….



2 Responses to “Loving Others”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the message coming from your heart Trisch ! Blessings be yours ~ Heather C.

  2. fruitbuns says:

    amen! Hope you are well:)

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