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The Answers!

So, did you guess?  



Here are the answers to the Seven Sisters Trivia questions:



1. "What is your knick-knack name?"   was Anna!



2. "I need a cwayuh for my noh!"  was  Leah!  She couldn’t say her "s" sound when she was little!   (Noah must have gotten it from her!)




Surely you guessed this one!   My "spicey girl" Cassia! 

4. Bekah said eating the cake would be the best part of her wedding! 

5. "My legs are very busy!"

Once when we were on a working vacation, we took a bike ride.  We were all coasting down a hill when Susannah said this and we realized–no one told her to take her feet off the pedals!   (She was about 4!)

6. Charissa is the one wondering if Jesus takes us to Heaven so we don’t have to drive there!  

And last, but not least~

7. Jessica (yes, sweet Jessica!) is the one who just wanted to "whine a little"!   (She ranked first for Child-Most-Likely-to-Baffle-All-Child-Training-Experts–until Cassia came along!!!) 


How did you do?!    Did you know the girls as well as you thought?!

Hope you enjoyed a "fun glimpse" into the Seven Sisters lives! 

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