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Saturday Psalm and Praise–Grateful He Is Not Too Busy!



I read this last night in A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie.



"Give me tonight, dear Father, a deeper sense of gratitude to Thee for all Thy mercies.  Thy goodness to me has been wonderful.  At no moment of the day have I lacked Thy gracious care.  At no moment have I been called upon to stand in my own strength alone.  When I was too busy with my petty concerns to remember Thee, Thou with a universe to govern wert not too busy to remember me."



Truly I am too often occupied with my "petty concerns" to remember Him.  But thankfully, He is never too busy, even with a universe to govern, with billions of other people to be concerned with–even with all that, He is never too busy to remember me–or you!



Thank you, dear Father, that you are never too busy to remember and think of me.   May my thoughts be more and more occupied with You.



I will love You, O Lord, my Strength!  (Psalm 18:1)



2 Responses to “Saturday Psalm and Praise–Grateful He Is Not Too Busy!”

  1. Anonymous says:


    I found your blog by way of training daughters/teaching wives.

    I love the video of your daughter with the goat. Pretty funny.



  2. Anonymous says:

    God is not to busy for me even when we seem to busy for him and he is running a universe.. What awesome words. God Bless



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