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The Singing Heart


Today’s reading in my "Come Away My Beloved" devotional is especially good!  I’d like to share it with you.



The Singing Heart


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


Hebrews 11:1



Patience will manifest where hope is nurtured.  The singing heart is blind to obstacles and recognizes in all things the loving hand of an all-wise Father.  Delays are unnoticed, for the Spirit is not bound by the limitations of outer circumstances.  The power of evil to destroy joy is nullified when Christ Himself becomes the one point of attention. In Him all things are possessed now, for faith beholds that which is yet to be as though it were already a reality.


(from On the Highroad of Surrender )



I have been asking for (and receiving) passages of Scripture to pray praise to my Father.  Not that I am seeing the answer to all my prayers.   But truly your faith grows as you focus on  praying the positive qualities you want to see (through Scripture) and then praising Him for what you are seeing that person or situation to become.  Even if nothing is happening outwardly….but as this passage said, "the Spirit is not bound by the limitations of outer circumstances."  Amen!



May Christ become our one point of attention so the power of evil cannot destroy our joy in HIM!   He has it all in His hands, all things are His, and we just need to see it by faith and continue to pray His will as we discern it in Scripture.


I pray that encourages your heart today–so you, too, can have a singing heart!


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