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Do You Have a Purpose for Living?


One of the many temptations in the Christian life, is to just go through life without much purpose.   It’s like we are just getting by until we can get to Heaven.


Is that what Jesus left us on the earth for?



I know it’s so easy to do…..our husbands need to make a living so we can eat and be clothed, we mamas need to be occupied with training and teaching our children, helping the paycheck stretch, keeping the laundry going, house somewhat clean, meals cooked….



….but somehow I believe if we become consumed with all of that, we will burn out.  We need a purpose bigger than ourselves and just our daily lives to keep us going.  And I believe that is how He designed us to be!



I see many young people, especially those close to graduating or just graduated, wondering what their purpose is.  Or they think their "purpose" is to go to college.  Or get a job.  Or get married.



I really believe we need to have purpose as a family, and we need to help our young people have a purpose bigger than flirting, fun and food or college/job/marriage to shoot for! 



My girls did a great job blogging about our trip to Iowa to hear Mark Cahill.   When Cassia shared with Dallas and me about it back on February 27 (I clearly remember the date, because Dallas and I had just gotten home from celebrating our anniversary!), I thought, "Well, that’s nice!"  



But when I went to bed, I felt we should really go!  So the next morning I asked Dallas, "What do you think?  Is this crazy?!"   He thought we should go for it!  



As the girls explain in their blog, God worked out the three main things–someone to care for our littles, someone to care for the animals, and a relative inexpensive place to stay for the night when we went out there (I wasn’t up for driving all the way back home right after the meeting!!!).   And God provided each of those things!!!



I am so very grateful for my husband and his vision.   Cassia really has a heart for evangelism, and this trip and the meeting really polarized things for her and helped her to be bolder about sharing her faith.  In fact, we stopped at all but one rest stop on the way home, and we kept teasing her that she didn’t even give us a chance to hand out a tract!  She beat us to just about everybody!!!!



As we listened to Mark, as I watched my daughters, and as we talked about it, it became quite obvious that this is the purpose we are left on earth for.   And God has put each of us right where we are for a reason.   I know He calls people to leave their homes as missionaries, or to go somewhere else because He has a new "field" for them, even if they’re not "official" missionaries (aren’t we all to be?).   But too many times, I think we decide where we’re going to work, live, play…..and we’re not really getting His mind and His plan. 



Sunday evening we listened to No Crossing Over on Mark’s site, then listened to the dvd I had bought at his meeting.  He talked about the two reasons we are here:



1.   To Make Him Known



That is really #1 priority.  You don’t have to go to Africa for this one.   There are lost souls all around us.  You don’t have to have a college degree, be eloquent or even well-versed in apologetics.   Just share the most wonderful news in the world!



After all, as Mark says, the goal is to get to Heaven with NO "free tickets to Heaven" in your pocket–you should have given them ALL away!


What others do with it is their business.  I really, really appreciated Mark’s emphasizing over and over again–one plants, another waters, but God gives the increase.  He didn’t say, "I lead this one and that one to the Lord".  He simply shares the Good News with everyone he meets.   He said it’s his hobby! 




2. To Make Him Look Good


This has more to do with our actions.   We all blow it now and then, but what characterizes us?   If I’m sharing the Good News with someone, then they see me snarl at my children for interrupting or hear me talk unkindly about the grumpy neighbor next door, that’s not going to wash. 



We should do our jobs well.  Whether at the office, factory, or in the home, we should do the best job we can.  Give 150% effort!



And we should be generous.  It’s no great revelation for me to say money is definitely a god and an idol in this day and age.  "Money talks".  How much more when we give it away?  And don’t wait until you get rich to bless others!  God entrusts His money and possessions to us!  They are not ours to do with as we please anyway!


I’ve been quite convicted of all the "stuff" I’ve hung onto.   I am motivated to get rid of more of the kids’ clothes–do I not trust Him to give me more should He bless us again?  I’m not talking about getting rid of everything, but I confess 30+ Rubbermaid tubs of clothing and shoes are too many!!!!  



Yesterday while taking my walk, I thought about Mark’s statement about the "free tickets to Heaven."  Remember the parable of the talents?   The one servant who got one talent?  What did he do with it?






Oh, let’s not be like him!  Let’s not be content to get ourselves to Heaven and not care about anyone else!  Wouldn’t that be the height of self-centeredness?   To not worry about anyone but ourselves? 




Jessica posted words to the song "Let My Life Be a Light" at the end of her post today.   Please take a few moments and head over to the girls’ blog and read it.   If you’re truly a Christian, then don’t keep it to yourself!  As Mark told us, there is no "gift of Evangelism"!  We are all to be sharing our faith!



And if you just aren’t 100% sure….please take a moment to visit one of the links Jessica listed, which I will also list here.  



Please remember that Christ came and died for one reason:



To restore your relationship to your Heavenly Father and Creator.  To the fellowship He created man for in the Garden in Eden.   It’s all about a relationship–not a religion.   You will want to obey Him out of love, not fear.



My heart is filled and satisfied in Him–in my relationship with the One Who created me and died for me.



I pray your heart will be, too!



If you know Him–share Him!   If you don’t–please receive Him today!!!!    The delight of my heart would be to see you all in Heaven one day!






Websites for more information:





www.livingwaters.com  click on "Save Yourself Some Pain"



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