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Bear One Another’s Burdens

We have dear friends at our church whose 17 year old daughter, Meredith, has two brain tumors situated over her hypothalamus.  The doctors were only able to remove a third of it, due to their location.


The doctors have reluctantly agreed to let our friends try an alternative protocol for Meredith for 6 weeks.  We would appreciate any and all prayer warriors to lift them up and cry out for Meredith’s healing–whether through a miraculous touch of the Father’s hand or through the natural protocol.


Prognosis is not very good even with the traditional treatment.   We are praying Meredith can be spared from going through chemotherapy and radiation if it is truly not going to help.


In addition, my girls and I have posted chip-in widgets on the sidebars of our blogs and websites.   If you are led of the Lord to donate, all funds go directly to Meredith’s family.


If you want updates, the girls post on their website when there are updates.


Seven Farmgirl Sisters


Thank you so much!



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