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I’d Rather

Last week my 19 year old daughter gave me a present.  Well, she gave me a clue that led to a scavenger hunt, collecting more children as we went along!  I had quite an entourage by the time I got to the end!  



The story is a bit funny, so I’ll back up a few days.  I have been wanting the book , "Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God", and even had it in my Amazon.com shopping cart.  I was waiting to see if another daughter was going to order and we could combine orders for free shipping.   That daughter decided not to order, and I had thought about just going ahead and getting it.   But I didn’t think I did.  Then I get an e-mail from Amazon saying my order had been shipped!  Boy, I thought I was a major scatterbrain for sure to not remember going ahead with the order, but nothing would surprise me around here!



Therefore I was quite relieved to find out it was my daughter that had ordered it and not me!  Whew!  I’m not as scatterbrained as I thought!



As much as I wanted the book and am thoroughly enjoying reading it, the greater gift that was in that box is priceless.  Absolutely priceless.  And I’m going to share it with you.  Remember, especially you younger mommies, it will be worth every ounce of investment (prayers, sweat and tears) that you put into those little ones.  They will rise and call you blessed, and even though you know you weren’t the perfect mommy, things like this will warm your heart.  More than all the awards I won in high school (including being valedictorian of my class) that are now in a box somewhere, more than any praise by any one else outside our family, more than anything the world can offer, these sweet, priceless gifts my children give me from time to time mean the most.



So, here is Leah’s rendition of  "I’d Rather" by Meredith Gray (She tweaked the first stanza, dropped a stanza, used one other original one–the fifth in this poem–and she wrote the rest).


I’d Rather


I’d rather be a mommy

than anyone on earth,

Raising up a child or more

of unpretentious birth.


I’d rather be in the kitchen

with my children all around–

than sit at a desk the day long

without one childish sound.


I’d rather have a home

with dirty walls, broken china and piles galore–

than I would a show house

and an empty heart which reveals that indeed I’m  very poor.


I’d rather teach my children

of all God’s wonderful works–

than teach a class of strangers

of man’s many strange quirks.


I’d rather wash a smudgy face

with round, bright baby eyes–

than paint the pageantry of fame

or walk among the wise.


I’d rather raise up warriors

and maidens for God’s Kingdom–

than build up fame, and much claim

in the world’s wide regions.


I’d rather wait awhile

and receive the Lord’s "Well done",

I’d rather give my life for Him

and be His and His alone.



If that weren’t enough, there was this note with it:


To Mommy


Thank you for being my mommy, my teacher and my friend, and for raising me to be a maiden of virtue.  "I’d Rather" be a wife, mommy and homekeeper  because of your ongoing training, prayers, and example!  I love you….love your favorite Leah"


Humbled and Grateful to God,




6 Responses to “I’d Rather”

  1. sixfolks says:

    That is so sweet. Thank you for sharing. What an encouragement.


  2. mexmarr says:

    "Thank you for being my mommy, my teacher and my friend, and for raising me to be a maiden of virtue. "I'd Rather" be a wife, mommy and homekeeper because of your ongoing training, prayers, and example!"

    I want my daughters to say this about me someday!

  3. Eshell says:

    I know that Trisch has raised her daughters to be contented keepers at home. That is why her daughters will be a blessing to a future spouse instead of the "old ball and chain." Plus, Trisch has been an inspiration to me. Reminding me that God's way is ALWAYS the best way. I thank the Lord for Trisch because she is consistent in her walk. Because she has invested in her children, she is reaping the rewards.

  4. Cookingpam777 says:

    That was so sweet of her! A lot of 19 year olds would not do that.

  5. fruitbuns says:


  6. Lauri says:

    I just read this post the other day and loved the poem your daughter wrote so much that I sat down and wrote my own. I don't know if you will see this since this is an old post – but thought I might try anyway, as you might enjoy it.

    I'd Rather

    I'd rather be your mommy

    then anyone on earth

    loving you and watching you

    and teaching you from birth

    I'd rather hear your laughter

    to me the sweetest sound

    then any sound that I have heard

    since I have been around

    I'd rather have a home

    that's sort of shabby chick

    than the richest palace on the earth

    that I could ever pick

    I'd rather have a table

    with my family gathered there

    and plain and wholesome food

    with heads all bowed in prayer

    I'd rather hear a song

    at worship gathered round

    than sit dressed up in concert hall

    to hear that glorious sound

    I'd rather hold you close

    throughout your whole life through

    than any other thing I know

    that I might ever do

    I'd rather raise up jewels

    to grace God's home above

    then any kind of riches here

    that I could never love

    I rather run with patience

    this race 'til setting sun

    and give my life for my dear Lord

    and hear from Him, “well done”

    Lauri Arthur 8/30/09

    Anyway, I really enjoy your writing and your encouragement. May God bless you and your family.

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