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Was I ever surprised when my daughters told me to come out to the computer and they wanted to show me something!


I am the Homeschoolblogger Blogger of the Week!     I’m quite honored and it’s a good thing I got my template back or you’d be thinking you were at my daughters’ blog! 


Thank you, Tina, and thank you to all who have posted a comment so far!   I pray you will find blessing, encouragement and even a "lighter side" chuckle from what you find here!




4 Responses to “Surprises!”

  1. http://jacquedixon.com says:

    Heard you were Blogger of the Week!

    If I had to pick someone who is a GREAT pick and blogs REAL life, you are a GREAT PICK for Blogger of the Week!!

    Hopefully we can get together soon! [how long have we been saying that!?!]

    We never did get your template worked out, did we? Jocelyn designs for a donation to GTH, in case you were going to give to them anyway… http://gleaningtheharvest.com


    Anyway, I had to get over here and give you my congrats on being chosen! You are maah-velous!

    Love you!


  2. sixfolks says:

    Congrats, Trisch!


  3. fruitbuns says:

    Way to go! My daughter just told me, congratulations :D

  4. jenn4him says:



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