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Thankful Thursday~God’s Protection!




I am so very grateful to the Lord for His protection!



This week has begun the official "4-H and Fair Craziness" for us!  This week is general project judging (well, it was Monday and Tuesday), setting up Llama tent and pens (tonight), Fashion Revue (tomorrow night) and Llama washing and checking in goats (Friday night), Fireworks (Friday night!), rabbit and chicken check in Saturday!  Then Sunday begins the animal shows–we have one Sunday then two each on Monday and Tuesday!  After Tuesday we really enjoy the fair! 



As you can imagine, there is LOTS of running back and forth, to and fro, with various children!  Monday we didn’t all need to be at project judging until 3:00, so I took the only one that had to be at the 1:00 judging.  The plan was for Jessica to bring the rest in the big van and be there by 2:30 or so.  At 2:10 she calls me–the van won’t start!  The children have to have their projects checked in on time or they automatically get knocked down a placing! So I hurry off to come home and pick up the one(s) that have to be there before 3:00–we live 20 minutes away!  I also put in an SOS call to goatgirl’s mom to help transport the ones that woudn’t all fit in my mini-van!  



We made it with a whole 5 minutes to spare!  The others came later.   Then, about 4:30, those projects were done being judged, so Jessica decided to take those who were done home, then come back.  



On her way home, on one of those infamous country roads, she had been praying that the Lord would protect them, as it is easy to be drifting over the middle of the road since the lines fade and don’t get repainted very often!  Not too long after that, she is coming upon a hill and there are two vehicles coming towards her–one in her lane!!!  She slammed on the brakes and somehow got off the road a little (Susannah said they were headed for a pole, but Jessica was watching this other car!), the car that was in his right line went into someone’s yard and the other one must have gotten over and passed between them!



She said she didn’t know HOW they all got past each other!!!   Obviously she was pretty shaken up!



On her way back, she noticed the tracks the other car made in the yard–that car had missed these big rocks the people had in their yard, straddled and flattened both a reflector pole and one of those phone boxes everyone has on their property!   Later we saw it was taped together with duct-tape! 



It hit me the day after–I could have lost 6 of my children had they not been able to miss each other, or if Jessica had come upon them closer to that hill!



And had she been in the big van, she might not have been able to maneuver it so easily–plus they are notorious for rolling! 



So that little "irritation" of the van not starting was God’s Divine Blessing of Protection!



Oh, thank you, Lord Jesus, for your Divine protection!!!




Psalm 91 was even more rich this morning in my quiet time!



As is this song by Wendy and Mary, He Who Dwells.




Dwell in His presence–abide in the shadow of the Almighty!

4 Responses to “Thankful Thursday~God’s Protection!”

  1. Tiany says:

    This post gave me chills! Praise God for his protection on you all!!



  2. nachoaveragegirl says:

    Oh wow! That sure was a close call with the cars. God sure cares for us!

    Sounds like y'all are having a busy week. "Never a dul moment" is sounds like your family… wait… it sounds like mine too. :-D

    God bless!

    In Christ alone,

    Hannah Grace

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW! What a close call! Praising God with you for his protection!! I enjoyed reading Psalm 91 today too!

  4. fruitbuns says:

    It is funny how those irritating things thaat happen turn out to be the Lord's protection! It has happened to us many a time, but not quite in that way! What a near miss!

    God bless you all.

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