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Fabulous Family Friday–Road Scholars!



From Wednesday’s post–several of you guessed my mom, and you were right!  On the right is our 13 year old daughter, Anna.  When we  were at a reunion this summer, a cousin gave me this picture of my mom.   Later, when I was looking at it at home, I realized how much Anna resembles my mom at about the same age!!! (We’re guessing Mom is 14–she got her ears pierced at 13, I believe!)

What makes it special is that Anna has two middle names….we already had her name picked out when my grandma (Mom’s mom) wasn’t doing well.   Dallas and I talked it over and decided to add my grandma’s middle name to Anna’s.  It just so happens my dad’s mom has the same middle name!    That is why I thought it extra special that not only does Anna share my grandma’s name, she also resembles my mom!

It’s really neat to see how your parents looked at younger ages–of course, back then, they weren’t taking 10,000 pictures a year!  So there aren’t as many photos to compare.  

I really appreciate having this photo!


It’s been a crazy month or so!   Between getting things for all our canning and running to Chicago and getting ready for our trip East….well, it’s been busy!

About a month ago, some newer homeschoolers were asking me when I start school.

“Define school!” I smiled.

“Well, when do you start with the books.”  The mom asked.

“Usually after Labor Day, but this fall, we’re planning a trip out east and THAT will be school!”

Yes, my children will be Road Scholars!  (pun intended! ;) )

What are they learning?




Geography!   What states were going through, how they’re connected….and putting together maps and finding our points of interest on them.   Mapquesting each “leg” of the trip (there are 25 legs now…we’re 1/4 of the way to being a centipede…. :D )


History!   One daughter is quite into the Revolutionary War and has found out more and more about different battles, soldiers, etc.

Another daughter or two really got into lighthouses and learned a lot about their history (including Cape Hatteras, the tallest lighthouse in America.  Yes, we’re going to go see it!)

Math!   Can we fit in 3,500+ miles in 14 days?!   (No, we are taking 16 days!)

Actually, I think *I’m* getting the math!   Figuring gas mileage and costs, how many nights we need to stay at a hotel, how many hotel rooms we will be forced to get.  Some have said three–I mean honestly!  Just because we have ONE more child than each room is supposed to hold?!   (Five max in most rooms.)   Okay, then we’ll stay at Homewood Suites  2 bedroom suite–we did that when we visited the Creation Museum  last year, and they even have a yummy HOT breakfast!  That alone saves us $50-60!!!

Two of the girls were writing down how much it cost to get into some of the lighthouses….



Language Arts!   One daughter has blogged about it!

Problem-Solving Skills!   How to fit 11 people plus needed stuff into a 15 passenger van with the back seat taken out.   We were going to rent a motorhome, but we have more people than seatbelts, so that is out.    Deciding if we have time to really see Jamestown.   Do we go ahead and go to Arlington National Cemetery  or cut it out?   (You’ll have to wait and see what we decided!)


There is also the “problem-solving” of what Susannah is going to eat, since many places are NOT gluten free!

Of course, there is also the problem of who will take care of the animals? (Thankfully some dear friends offered to do this for us!  Thank you, W. family!)


Computer skills!   Looking up info (all 3 computers were busily in use Sunday night!) for attractions, maps, eating places, hotels…..

Social skills!  Reconnecting with old friends and family to try to squeeze at least a quick visit on our way through.

Character development!   While we patiently wait to hear back from aforementioned old friends and family…. 

AND we will also be developing character while  traveling 3,500+ miles together in close quarters with NO air conditioning….



Auto Mechanics!   Fixing all the things on the Big Red Bus that  needed fixing….just weren’t planning on fixing them all at once!  (Guess that’s more Dallas’ department.   But you can bet the boys were around observing!)




All kidding aside, truly there is a lot of learning going on right now.   No, it won’t be recorded in workbooks–but it will be recorded in blogs and visual journals!

Don’t underestimate the power of real-life learning!   So many times we are spending our energy worrying about “getting back to the books” that we can’t enjoy the learning that is taking place through the “real life interruptions” that come up.

This is something we have wanted to do for several years.  We actually wanted to go “out West”, but reality is we’d need a month, and we just can’t get away for that long.   We decided to “go East” and see as much as we can.  We won’t be able to see everything historical–and there’s a lot of history along the east coast!   But the main reason for this trip was to spend some time together as a family before everyone starts marrying (no, there are no prospects in the wings nor are we looking for any on this trip!).

Which, of course, brings me back to what I “preach” all the time–




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7 Responses to “Fabulous Family Friday–Road Scholars!”

  1. That’s so neat that your daughter looks so much like your mom! I have a photo of my mother at nine years old, and she looks almost exactly like my daughter who is now nine.

  2. Michelle says:

    Isn’t it amazing how family members from different generations can look the same? You can really see the resembalance!
    You all are going to be going through the school of life and learning all sorts of practical and meaningful life skills. I really enjoy reading the posts your girls do because it’s written from their perspective—which is rather different from a mother’s. :-)
    You’re really going to cover a lot of territory, but it should be beautiful and most of them will remember it forever.
    The pictures of all you girls in pastel colors is beautiful – and dad and sons is excellent too—you actually got everyone to look at the camera and smile at the same time–I’m impressed! :-)
    Have a blessed weekend.

    • Trisch says:

      LOL Melissa! Yes, their perspective is different from mine! Of course, there are more of them to blog and share their perspectives, too! ;)

      I forget how many takes of those pictures we had to do–it was more the people walkling in the background that was the problem than the kids not smiling!

      Right now they are singing while getting grapes ready to can….singing everything they “say” instead of talking, which is quite interesting!

      Never a Dull Moment! :D


  3. We are so blessed to be “apart” of your trip ! Thank you !
    We took a 2 week trip to Colorado last year and we invested in a hitch packer. It made a big difference with the space issue. We found the right size totes at Walmart -more square- and were able to put 4 across.strapped down with bngee cords. Bob could give you more info on the size if Dallas is interested. We packed most of our clothes in those totes and then i would only take out the necessary clothes for that night/AM … had a smaller clear rubbermaid for all the bathroom essentials.
    Happy packing :)
    Tomorrow we leave for a week at the seaside and I will send you and e-mail with some of the historical sights my husband said were worthwhile :)
    Blessings !

  4. I am so, So, SO excited about your trip!!!! And wow, when you break it down, the family is certainly getting lots of learning in as a result of your trip! I shall have to remember that for my own kids!

    By the way, I just love the pictures of you and the girls, and Dallas and the boys!!!!


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