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(Not So) Wordless Wednesday–Do You Think God Sends Cards from Heaven?

Well, not literally!

But in the past week, He’s “sent” two to me!

Last week I found myself at K-Mart.  I don’t go there often, but we had received a gift card, so I went to see if anything there would meet our needs (or Christmas list wishes!). 

I decided to look at their cards, thinking of buying one for my husband.

I found this one…..


The front and the sentiment inside are exactly like something my mom would have sent me!


Of course I bought it!   (Actually, between the gift card and a $10 off special for signing up for a buying club, it was free!)


I marvel how the Lord gives us something sweet like that just when we need it!


But He wasn’t done yet….


I posted Friday how I was slaying the Stuff Monster in the shop….well, his cousin resides in my sewing room!  And this one is even more sinister and ugly in some ways!  *ewwwww!*


No pictures of THAT disaster, yet!   But, as I was clearing a spot so I can (hopefully) sew a few Christmas presents, I found this card:






My mom had actually sent me this card when she went to Tennessee for the winter after Dad died three years ago.


Isn’t it a wonderful “God-incidence” that I found it again just now?   And isn’t it also amazing how relevent the sentiment inside is?


I am no theologian. I probably couldn’t “defend my faith” against an atheist with brilliant arguments.


But I could defend my faith based on the relationship I have with my loving Heavenly Father, my Beloved Bridegroom and my Holy Spirit Comforter with many incidents such as this!



Thank You, Abba Father, for Your tender care for us, Your weak and frail children. 

 Thank You, for caring, even about the “little” things.


And thank You, that someday, the world will be

a perfect place,


we will never be apart from You


from our loved ones…

ever again.


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2 Responses to “(Not So) Wordless Wednesday–Do You Think God Sends Cards from Heaven?”

  1. Tina says:

    How very special! God indeed shows up when and where we need him most. I so agree that relationship with the father defines who I am as a Christian. I could not stand up to an atheist either…except to say that God is. And He is my father who provides, cares for, loves, teaches me.
    Merry Christmas

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