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The Simple Life…

Well, simple with a generator!


We got lots of wet snow yesterday, resulting in our electricity going out for about 4 hours last evening. That was after we found the pressure switch for the well pump went out and we had no water.  Dallas was able to get it working until could put another switch on!  SO grateful for a handy hubby! :)



Then late this morning–no electricity again!  The computers don’t do well with generator surges–I’m doing a few necessary things on the laptop, but that’s it!




We’d appreciate prayers–we’re doing okay, but some of our neighbors don’t have generators and they are having to “bail water” by hand out of their basements!



Hopefully we will all be able to get back up to speed soon!  Although….in some ways it is nice to not have every light in the house on and everyone is not tied to a computer!   But with the girls’ Open House coming up and my needing to get week 2 of the Advent study finished and uploaded…we’re praying to fully get back online soon! :)



“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concering you”!






2 Responses to “The Simple Life…”

  1. Tabitha says:

    Wow. I love the look of a gorgeous snow, but I could never live in a cold state. It’s only a month before Christmas and we’re still trying to convince the kids to take their flip-flops off and put real shoes on. I dream of a white Christmas occasionally, but I’m okay with my Houston Christmas, too. Hope y’all get up and running soon.

    • Trisch says:

      LOL! Well, mine still run around barefoot even in the cold and snow! :D Right now it’s mostly rain, though. Don’t know if we’ll get our “white Christmas” or not!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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