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Last Day of Sale!

Head on over to Kelly’s site Generation Cedar to have a look at her wonderful e-books!  I bought three of them and am enjoying them immensely!   Today is the last day of the sale–but if you miss it, they are still worth every penny!


Here are a few quotes (used with permission!)


From Think Outside the Classroom (Relaxed Homeschooling):


"A Word About Relationships

So often I’ve seen parents trying to implement their idea of what homeschooling is, even to the detriment of the relationships with their children. I’ve said before, if my children learned NOTHING except how tolove the Lord, and we had their hearts, I would consider it a successful homeschool experience. No academic goal is worth losing the priceless relationships with our children. I’ve advised frustrated mothers to “take off” for the remainder of the year and just focus on building relationships. Once those are established, homeschooling gets so much easier! And to borrow from the Scriptural concept, “What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his own soul?” I ask,  “What does it profit a parent to raise studious children and lose their hearts?”"

(p. 10)




And here is a wonderful gem from Getting Your Children to Obey:

"A word about relationship.

A most crucial thing to remember as a parent charged with the responsibiltiy of raising up godly children, is to maintain fellowship and a loving relationship with them. Many parents make the tragic mistake of being strict, expert disciplinarians, but then lose the heart of their children because they failed to keep a loving, close relationship with them. Our training and insistence on obedience MUST be balanced with a tender, loving relationship. The simple rule to remember is: “rules without relationship equals rebellion”.


Furthermore, true respect is only accomplished when a child feels safe and secure in hisparents’ love. He must know that a parent’s motivation for discipline is out of his utmost love for him.  If he feels a parent is simply trying to wield his superiority, he will never truly respect  his authority."

(pp. 9-10)


Those are just a few of the wonderful gems I’m finding in these books!   Getting Your Children to Obey is, to me, a wonderfully concise resource.  I feel it condenses the most important aspects of child training in a short, readable, doable book!    There’s even a chapter entitled "Am I Too Late?"  (The answer is NO!)


Think Outside the Classroom  is also worth every penny!  If you haven’t figured out by now, I am a very relaxed homeschooler, and although some would think I’ve figured it all out, I haven’t!!!  I love resources that God uses to reaffirm the path we’ve chosen and help us keep the most important aspects of homeschooling (and really, being a family!) top priority!


Since Kelly has written that book, I don’t have to write one! 


This is a great opportunity you don’t want to miss!  You will feel a breath of fresh air reading both these books!  (I didn’t get the one on Finding Financial Freedom , but I can only imagine it’s as wonderful and practical as her others!)


Click on her blog name above–that will take you to the entry with the sale prices—but hurry!  They’re only good through today!   And when you have time, check out her blog–she’s doing a "MakeOver" series interspersed in there, and it’s been great! 


Blessings on your day!


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"Home and family seemed by providence
to be my special field of duty."
                                     ~America Holton Ford, 1889~

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