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Sharing a Special Day

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

I was  born on Father’s Day.

Mom used to tease Dad that I was his present! ;)

It was always really special when our “special days” lined up every 5, 6 or 11 years.  Homemade ice cream, razzing each other, just enjoying being family.

The last time my birthday hit Father’s Day was my last Father’s Day on earth with Dad.

I sure miss him today.

We’re making homemade ice cream–the tradition continues!


I miss you and love you, Dad!


Many years ago….


Dad and Susannah at my brother’s wedding, 1993

Dad with Anna-Pie, 1998



He would often come over and get everyone riled up!

The girls loved to pile on him–and he loved it, too! 1999


Dad’s favorite spot during the birthday parties in the dining room!




Dad and Mom with “all” the grandkids–as of 1999!


Happy memories!

If your dad is still around, give him a call, give him a hug–give him your love and make memories!

And The WORD Was Made Flesh….

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

John 1:14 “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”

I love love love how God reveals His Son in His Word!  And I love the insights He gives, that reveals richer and deeper meaning!

I read a section of Psalm 119 every day for most of the month. Psalm 119 uses 8 different words for God’s Word. Today it struck me–JESUS is THE WORD!

The portion I read today, paraphrased: (Vau-vv. 41-48)


Let Your mercies come also to me, O Lord, even Your salvation, according to Your Son.

So shall I have wherewith to answer him that reproacheth me:  for I trust in Jesus.

And take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth; for I have hoped in Jesus.

So shall I keep Christ in my heart continually for ever and ever.

And I will walk at liberty:  for I seek Jesus.

I will speak of Christ also before kings, and will not be ashamed.

And I will delight myself in Jesus, Whom I have loved.

My hands also will I lift up unto Jesus Christ, Whom I have loved; and I will meditate in  Him.



And a few more verses from one of my favorite sections, Mem, vv. 97-104:


O how I love Jesus!  He is my meditation all the day.

You, through Your Son Jesus, have made me wiser than my enemies: for He is ever with me.

I have more understanding than all my teachers: for Jesus is my meditation.

I understand more than the ancients, because I keep Jesus before me.

I have refrained my feet from every evil way, that I might keep Christ.

I have not departed from Jesus: for You have taught me.

How sweet is Jesus to my taste!  Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Through Jesus I get understanding:  therefore I hate every false way.



Awesome and Amazing!


I love Psalm 119, but this is going to add a whole new dimension to it!  I pray this blesses you today!

Missing Mom

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Two years ago today, my mom slipped into Eternity.


It was sudden.


And totally unexpected.


I had talked with her the night before, letting her know to call my cellphone if she needed me, because a storm had knocked out our electricity and the landline wasn’t ringing.   She was tickled that I was concerned for her.  We chatted about 20 minutes.  If I had known it would be the last time I would talk to her here on earth, would I have talked a bit longer?


I was going to take her out the next week for her birthday. Her birthday had been in April, but things were crazy busy.  I did stop by and bring her flowers.  I was looking forward to taking her out.


If I had known that I didn’t have 2 extra weeks, would I have just shifted my schedule and made it happen sooner, crazy busy or not?


We never really know that our time with our loved ones is coming to a close.  It’s so easy think we have forever.  Oh, we know we don’t…..or do we?


I can’t live in the land of regrets—life does happen and we can’t always act on our best ideas.  But we can make relational living more the “norm” than the exception.


Let’s face it–many of the daily things of life really ARE life.  But we can still focus on people instead of projects.   Taking time to enjoy the dandelions little ones bring us instead of being driven by deadlines. Connecting instead of condemning.  Really taking time to listen instead of getting lost in multitasking.  Enjoying the dailyness with our loved ones instead of expecting so much out of them that we can’t delight in anything.


People instead of projects.

Dandelions instead of deadlines.

Connecting instead of condemning.

Listen instead of losing through multitasking.

Enjoy instead of expect.


Living in the now is so important when it comes to relationships.  Planning has its place, but not to the extent it chokes out being in the present.


God is merciful and gives us grace, not guilt.  He blessed me with what I call my “hug from God” by helping me find a very special Mother’s Ring as a Testimony of God’s Love.   I can’t go back and do the things I wish I would have done with my mom–those opportunities are gone.


And I confess I still struggle, as we all do, to live in the now with relationships. But I wear Mom’s ring often, reminding me of her, of her shaping of my life, of the good things she imparted to me.  To remind me that I don’t have forever, and I need to live my life for the people God puts in my life right now.  To remind me of all the encouraging things she used to tell me.


Tomorrow I will wear Mom’s ring while I teach another T-Tapp clinic.  My mom had told me just a few months earlier that when the time was right, God would work it out for me to be a trainer.  I never dreamed it would be through her gift to me.   Tomorrow as I teach and explain and laugh, I will be passing on what both of my parents invested in my life.


And may I touch and invest in the lives of others, passing on their legacy.


I miss you, Mom!  I’m grateful you are with Jesus.  I know I will see you again.  But for now my heart still hurts and I still long to call you and share exciting things with you.  I would hear you say, “See? I told you God would work it all out!” or “I knew you would do a good job!”  Just to share funny things Isaiah said or the boys did.  I wish I would have spent more time accepting you for who you were and enjoying you rather than wishing you were someone different than who you were.  I’m so glad our relationship healed and we did appreciate each other so much more the last two years we had together!


I know you won’t read this, Mom, but I have to write it for me.  And for those who still have their moms, but maybe are struggling to accept their mothers for who they are and where they are.  May we all remember that we can find things to affirm others for, or we can cut them down, but one day the silver cord will break, and then all the affirmations we left unsaid will threaten to bring us down.  I pray, Mom, that every daughter reading this will make special efforts to affirm and love their mothers, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day that they can.


Thanks for all you did for me, for raising me, for instilling in me what you thought was important, for investing in my life.   May I continue to “pay it forward”, in my children’s lives and in the lives of all whom I meet.


I love you, Mom!




Monday Musings–Flowing Peace

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Our pastor is going through the Commands of Christ.  I am wishing he might have taken one month per command vs. one week!  There is so much there to glean!


Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”


The command for this week is Seek God’s Kingdom.  One thing Pastor said was “We wear ourselves out trying to get things He’s already promised!”


I could definitely relate!  How often do we not truly believe our loving Abba-Father wants to give us “all these things”, so we work, manipulate, figure, worry…..


There are two plans (from my sermon notes):


Plan A: “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Christ Jesus.”

Plan B:  Worry yourself sick about it all!


In Matthew 6:25-34 He says four times to “take no thought”, which means to not be anxious (Philippians 4:6).   When God repeats Himself, it’s important!


We can worry and get ulcers, or we can pray and get PEACE!


This morning in my quiet time, Psalm 122:2 got my full atttention:


“Our feet shall stand within thy gates, O Jerusalem.”


It was one of those “God Chaser” moments!


After looking up some words, and then the root of those words (I call these “Divine Bunny Trails”!), then combining all that with words from When I Survey (one of our Easter Cantata songs that has been on my mind a lot lately),


See from His head, His hands, His feet,

Sorrow and love flow mingled down;

Did ever such love and sorrow meet

Or thorns compose so rich a crown.


I came up with a new way of thinking about Psalm 122:2.


Our feet, our paths, shall stand–abide, tarry, remain–within thy gates–opening–O Jerusalem–O Peace, O Flowing Peace.


Sorrow and Love flow mingled down…


I realized that by coming to the Cross,  abiding and staying close to His side, His blood covers ALL my sin, redeems me, and His Peace flows to me!


My other Scripture readings and my reading for today in Jesus Calling spoke of peace as well!  His peace!


Hallelujah! What a Savior!




Bear One Another’s Burdens

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

We have dear friends at our church whose 17 year old daughter, Meredith, has two brain tumors situated over her hypothalamus.  The doctors were only able to remove a third of it, due to their location.


The doctors have reluctantly agreed to let our friends try an alternative protocol for Meredith for 6 weeks.  We would appreciate any and all prayer warriors to lift them up and cry out for Meredith’s healing–whether through a miraculous touch of the Father’s hand or through the natural protocol.


Prognosis is not very good even with the traditional treatment.   We are praying Meredith can be spared from going through chemotherapy and radiation if it is truly not going to help.


In addition, my girls and I have posted chip-in widgets on the sidebars of our blogs and websites.   If you are led of the Lord to donate, all funds go directly to Meredith’s family.


If you want updates, the girls post on their website when there are updates.


Seven Farmgirl Sisters


Thank you so much!



Just a Little Light

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Our church had a cantata last night for the residents at the nursing home where we meet.  It has been a looonnngggg time since I was part of a choir, and I enjoyed it thoroughly!



Before we actually started I prayed that we would be a blessing to the residents and others who came.  Many of the residents at this facility have brain injuries or mental impairments…in many ways, “the least of these”.   I’ve been challenged lately by a book I’ve been reading where this couple was ministering in the garbage dump, where people actually lived–it was all they had.  Yet Jesus was “always enough”.



As I looked out at the different ones gathering, many familiar faces that come to our services each week, I thought that although I’m not ministering in a war-ravaged African country I can still give to others, and especially to those often forgotten during this time of year.



After the cantata, I asked a resident if he got some cookies that everyone had brought for fellowship time afterwards.   He assured me he did!  Then I asked him, “Did you enjoy it?”




He nodded, smiling, and said,  “Oh yes! I was so blessed!  So blessed!”



And I was, too!  :)



We can all be a light–even just a “little” light–to someone, pointing them to the Light of the World–Jesus!


May you enjoy your most precious blessings–Jesus and your family, and no matter what your situation, remember–He is always enough!




Just a Little Light




Timmy sat in Daddy’s chair, all slouched down and scuffing his feet on the floor. Mama looked at his face which showed he was obviously disappointed and trying not to cry.


“Mama? Why can’t 7 year olds go to the church propi’ty to help clean up today?”


“Timmy, the daddies and big boys are going to be doing more dangerous work today, using chainsaws and other equipment to try to move some of the big trees that fell in the storm. They just want to be extra careful and take no chances on someone getting hurt.”


“But I can help! Daddy even said I’m a big helper!”


Mama smiled. “Yes, you are! But it would be easy for a smaller child to go unseen and perhaps someone would cut a limb or something that would fall where they didn’t think someone was—and then they would be hurt badly.”


“I’d be extra, extra careful and listen to Daddy….” Timmy began.


Mama shook her head. “No, Timmy. It’s best to take no chances.”



“But then I can’t do anything!” Timmy growled and flopped over on his side so he didn’t have to look at Mama.


“Timmy, look at me,” Mama had come over to the recliner and kneeled down in front of it.




“Timothy David, please look at me now.” Mama said quietly.


Timmy knew when Mama got really quiet like that and used his full name, he had better listen!


He turned. “What, Mama.”


“Timmy, sometimes we don’t understand why we can’t do something big, when all along God is just asking us to be faithful in the little things.”


“But Mama! That’s fun and big work! I do all my chores with a happy heart at home!”


“All the time?”


Timmy looked down. “Well, not all the time. But most of the time!”


Mama smiled again. “Timmy, you do a really good job most of the time. I’m not talking so much of doing your chores here at home as looking for opportunities to let your light shine, even if they seem really small.”


Timmy looked puzzled. “Like what?”


“Like visiting with Mrs. Crawson after picking up her sticks and limbs, or raking her leaves. Or how about when you stop at Linley Brothers Hardware to talk to Hardware Jim about your newest project?”


Timmy looked up at Mama. “Mama, those are just little things. That’s not something big like cleaning up big limbs and trees and fixing things that were blown down in a storm.”


“No, Timmy, those are big things in the eyes of those people. Remember when Tina Lewis needed someone to take care of Buddy when they had to leave suddenly because her grandma wasn’t doing well?”


Timmy nodded. “But that was fun, Mama! I liked playing with Buddy!” He smiled.


“I know you did! Again, though, that was a big thing to Tina. If she had had to find a kennel to board Buddy, it would have wasted precious time that she was instead able to spend with her grandma before she went to Heaven.”


Timmy was thoughtful.


“But I still don’t see how that makes Jesus happier than the big things.”


“Well, remember when the lights went out during the storm, and Daddy had a hard time getting the generator going?”


Timmy nodded vigorously. “Yep!”


“What did we do until the generator started?”


“We got our flashlights and camping lanterns and candles!” Timmy was bouncing at the memory of the adventure!


“Yes, but what did we have first before we could find all those other things?”


Timmy laughed. “Jo-Jo’s little baby toy that lights up!” He was giggling at how they used this little baby toy, pushing the button and listening to it “sing” Mary Had a Little Lamb several times while they got the other flashlights and lanterns!


“But wasn’t it a welcome ‘light’, even if it was small?”


“Oh yes! I mean, we could have gotten to our flashlights, but I’ll bet we would have run into stuff on the way!” Timmy laughed.


“That’s right! So we were pretty happy to have Jo-Jo’s little Lambie-Pie, weren’t we?” Mama was laughing, too.


Timmy nodded…..then he stopped smiling.






“I get it! I get it now!” He was bouncing up and down again, smiling.


“You get what, Timmy?” Mama asked.


“I’m like Jo-Jo’s little Lambie-Pie, aren’t I?! I might be just a ‘little’ light, but to someone, I’m like that little toy, helping keep them from stubbing their toe in the dark or falling over something until they get a bigger light!”


Mama couldn’t hide the tears welling up in her eyes. “That’s right, Timmy! You are absolutely right!”


“And…..” he was thoughtful…. “As I practice being a good ‘little’ light, I will be a brighter big light when it’s time! Is that what you meant, Mama?”


She pulled him into a big hug. “Yes, Timmy! That’s exactly what I meant!”


Timmy hugged Mama, and then pulled back and looked up at her.


“Then Mama, I’m going to be the best little light I can, so when I grow up, I’ll be a lighthouse!”


It’s Here!

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

This is certainly a family affair!



My oldest two daughters designed and drew the cover page–and it’s beautiful, if I do say so myself! :)






You can get a free download for the Introduction here.




It is available for purchase at Farmgirl Treasures Etsy Shop.




You can purchase just week 1 or all four weeks (future links will be sent to you as they are uploaded).  Half of the proceeds will go to Living Water International.



Whether you purchase the devotional or not, I pray your Advent Season is filled with anticipation and preparing your heart for Him!
































His Name Shall Be Called….

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

I’m working on an Advent Devotional that will hopefully be ready later today.  I had a few glitches in uploading it!



You can get a free download of the Intro here.    It will be available through my daughters’ Etsy shop, Farmgirl Treasures.




Praying that your heart is full of thanksgiving as you prepare for the celebration of His Coming!







Friday, November 25th, 2011

I am working on making this a place filled with His grace!


For now I am blogging at Never a Dull Moment.


Full of Grace in Him,

















T-Tapp Tuesday–Being Patient While You Heal

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

This is a continuation of what I discussed last in last week’s post, so if you didn’t catch that, here it is: Give It Time.


If you are battling any metabolic issues (insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s, etc.), your body is going to focus on healing, not making you look good.


If you can hang on and be patient, giving it time, you will heal and you will lose.  I firmly believe and am living proof of Dr. Diana Schwarzbein’s motto: “You have to eat well to build well and feel well, and you don’t lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight!” (Or inches, as I like to say! ;) )


Being on the forums kept me going when I questioned why I slowed down or stalled.  When I had a question about form and no trainer nearby, the forums were a click away.  People there are SO helpful and patient and kind!  Everyone there is committed to everyone else’s success–not their own or “getting something off of you”.  You don’t have to spend one single dime to get help!   Of course, trainers are WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD when you do need to invest in their services, but sometimes you feel like you have to put so much money into something before you really get any benefits from it.  Not with T-Tapp!


I actually learned about Dr. Schwarzbein through T-Tapp!  I also learned through the forums about backing off workouts when I was struggling with adrenal fatigue and actually had a little crash.  No one was telling me to do more more more.   Yes, of course I wanted to see more size loss (I was a snug size 10 at that point), but I wanted to feel well and not have to take 2 naps a day, too!


I backed way off, then was able to build back up to a decent workout schedule of one longer and 2 shorter workouts per week.  And I continued losing!


Shortly after that my mom unexpectedly passed away, and I had to back way off.  For several weeks, I didn’t even do a Primary Back Stretch!  Very slowly and sporadically I worked back into a very light routine.  Then in February it was like  switch went on and I was able to tackle more.


I still have adrenal fatigue–but I am proof positive that if you give it time, you can do it! AND you don’t have to do long workouts every other day to get results–but you do have to be more patient.  Sure, I could have pushed myself to do Total Workout every other day (EOD), but I think I would have crashed my adrenals sooner.  In fact, that is how I did crash them–too many workouts and not enough food–especially protein.  BAD combo!


I do 2 workouts a week with my classes, sometimes 3, then I focus on only 1-2 moves the other days, and these past few weeks, I’ve even had to back off from that.  But I am more confident than ever that I will still be able to pass certifications–because even though I’m not always doing the moves, I am thinking them through, mentally teaching them.


You might not be training to be a trainer, but if you can’t handle working out every day, you can still do a mental check on form.  Or just read up on a move or watch it on one of the dvds.   Take notes on what stands out to you.  Just because you can’t do a Total Workout doesn’t mean you’re doomed to not lose!    Your body needs time to heal, and you need to give it that time or it will take it (and you’ll be flat on your back not able to do anything!)


I know we are all busy and want a quick fix–but we didn’t mess up our metabolism overnight, and it won’t heal overnight either.   Give it time, and you will be rewarded–not just with a smaller size, but a healthier, stronger body and more energy as well!


If you’re not seeing results, and you have any metabolic issues–and quite honestly, most of us do– try backing off.  Evaluate that you are eating enough (I never count calories), split up Total Workout over 2-3 days, take days off in between, take more water and kick-out breaks….and see if maybe slowing things down and giving it more time might not be your ticket to success!


Remember–we’re in this journey for the long haul–so take your time, lay a good foundation, and you won’t have to backtrack from a detour! ;)


Give your body the time it needs to heal—and you will be grateful later!


Happy Tappin’!