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Simple Woman’s Daybook 8

For 18 November, 2008. 



Outside my window…  it was snowing earlier!  Now just windy and COLD!  Gray skies….


I am thinking… how incredibly blessed I am!


I am thankful for…  a warm home!   And lovely daughters that are willing to serve!



From the learning rooms…  two daughters are finishing projects that were due LAST week!  One is on the three branches of the government, the other on the skeletal system.   Oldest daughter is learning to weave, and the littles are doing their regular fare plus decided to work on a newspaper together.



From the kitchen…  Zucchini-Ricotta Bake, salad, and Parmesan Toast Bread.  YUM!




I am wearing… a pink blouse and last year’s Easter jumper, which has pastel flowers all over it.  I know, not very "fallish"! 



I am creating… actually finishing a project for one person’s Christmas (gotta be a bit vague here!   )




I am going…    maybe to Goodwill if they’re open a few more hours–some girls couldn’t find coats to use outside at the one we went to Thursday.   And we’re not paying full price for coats that will go to the barn, get "stuff" on them, you know…..



I am reading… Back to A Woman’s Call to Prayer by Elizabeth George.  (I read like I work on knitting projects–skip around among several!)



I am hoping… to keep my kitchen counter CLEAR (since I finally got it cleared off, with some help, for my daughter’s birthday tea Saturday!)



I am hearing… that beautiful duet of For the Beauty of the Earth.  I’m really going to have to figure out how to get that on here….



Around the house… two daughters on the piano, one cooking supper (yes, I’m spoiled!), three younger girls upstairs working on a "newspaper", oldest daughter is weaving, two boys behind me playing with/fighting over some blocks.



One of my favorite things… is seeing many Godly young ladies together and encouraging one another that they are not alone in the world!    (Susannah will blog about her lovely birthday tea later this week!)


A few plans for the rest of the week: I really want to finish some jumpers for me, get my Christmas present supply found and in one place (I think I have enough from over the years that I didn’t get done to do quite well this year, IF I find the stuff and use my time well!), and Wednesday, I hope to hear the baby’s heartbeat!!!



Here is picture thought I am sharing:


I have titled this "Cutie in an antique coat"!



 My mom made this coat for my brother 33 years ago!!!  Two of my cousins wore it, I inherited it, and forgot about it with my first son.  Isaiah didn’t want to take the coat off and rode his trike around the house in it for about an hour! 



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And please don’t forget to pray for Noah Estes.



Blessings to you!



4 Responses to “Simple Woman’s Daybook 8”

  1. SuperAngel says:

    I want to come over for lunch! that sounds soo good! :)

    I dont wear too much fallish looking clothes either! :P

    I love the song For The Beauty of the Earth! I would love to learn to play it!

    Hope you get all your christmas projects finished!

    Thanks for such a wonderful day on Saturday! I am so glad you invited us! I had a superb time!





  2. Jocelyndixon says:

    Hello! :) Thanks for letting us come over on Saturday. I had a grand time. I've posted some photos and blogged about it if you wanna see them.

    Also… we can definitely a blog-design trade for the goat-med (not sure how you spell it! LOL) if you like. lmk

    (((HUGS!))) Hope to get together again soon!

  3. Eshell says:


    I love your new picture. Absolutely beautiful!

    Love from the U.P.

  4. fruitbuns says:

    Shame you are so far away. We left good friends behind, when we moved from Scotland.

    Hope you are feeling less tired and sick now.

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