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Simple Woman’s Daybook~July 27, 2009

Monday, July 27th, 2009




Outside my window… it is finally getting warmer!  We actually had to take jackets one morning to the fair a few weeks ago!   A beautiful summer evening with blue sky, lovely "early evening" sun and things are still. 



I am thinking… about three of my girls who are attending a seminar, hoping they are learning lots!  (And missing them!)



I am thankful for… having my oldest daughter back home!    (And my other driver!  )



From the kitchen… we just had taco salad, Dallas and I had blueberry cheesecake for dessert, but the children decided they wanted s’mores!



I am wearing… a yellow blouse with my "Debbie Mumm" sunflower jumper (compliments of Leah!)



I am reading… Slowly working through Solved: The Riddle of Illness by Dr. Stephen Langer (about thyroid–interesting reading!) 



I am hoping… for a calmer week–and to pick blueberries at least one day this week!



I am hearing… nothing.  Birds chirping.  Occasionally Clover barking.  Everyone is in the barn!



Around the house… Dallas is in his office, the rest are in the barn doing chores.



One of my favorite things… is watching and listening to my boys play, wrestle and talk!



A few plans for the rest of the week: Take State Fair projects in to the local office tomorrow, go blueberry picking, have a few girls here for two nights while they attend a music clinic "somewhat" near us  (if you call an hour away "near"!), get my computer desk organized–I’m planning a whole day to tackle that!



Here is picture thought I am sharing…




"Jewel of the Morning"




Simple Woman’s Daybook~June 9, 2009

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

FOR TODAY June 9, 2009…


Outside my window… It is overcast but perfect temperature wise–for me, but not for the strawberries!



I am thinking… I am trying NOT to think about all that has to be done in the next month!!! 



I am thankful for… my shoulder feeling better (it’s been out of place and causing some pain this past week!)



From the kitchen… Taco Salad



I am wearing… a pink blouse with a faded purple plaid jumper.



I am creating… Got my flowers….now to decide what goes where!  (Picture next week, maybe?)



I am going… already went strawberry picking, but will have to wait until next week as they are later than usual!



I am reading… Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.



I am hoping…  to be able to keep my inward peace in the midst of craziness!




I am praying for… our church, for friends and their challenges, for my family.




I am hearing… Leah and Susannah discussing how many buttons to put on a nightgown, birds chirping.



Around the house… Some are out playing in the "town" in our barn, one little guy is laying down for a nap, three are sewing.


One of my favorite things… red, ripe, juicy strawberries!!! 



A few plans for the rest of the week:  More running for fair stuff, three graduation open houses this weekend and a blogger get-together!




Quote of the Week:

"A magnificent marriage begins not with knowing one another but with knowing God." 

                                                                                                       ~Gary and Betsy Ricucci



Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Well, here are "before" pictures of the weed beds! 



(Don’t let the daisies distract you!  )






Yes, the tall weed in the middle is a thistle!



Here is the weeded section!!!





Here are some of the weeds!! (There was a whole wheelbarrow load full!)





Waiting to be planted…..



Stay tuned next week for the "after the planting" pictures!!! 



Blessings on your day!



Simple Woman’s Daybook~June 3, 2009

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

For Today….



Outside my window… It started out grey and gloomy today, but the sun peeked out by afternoon!  Now it’s evening with a rosy pink sky. 



I am thinking… I am TOO busy!



I am thankful for… my sweet Godly girls!  (Boys still in training!)



From the learning rooms… We’re gearing up for 4-H project judging the 29th and 30th, so that will probably be the bulk of our learning the next few weeks!



From the kitchen… we just finished supper!  Calico Bean Bake and cornbread-a favorite!



I am wearing… a pink blouse and my "Easter jumper" from a few years ago–multi-colored pastels with flowers.



I am creating… a plan for my front door flower garden (much later than usual!)



I am reading… Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas (another excellent book, by the way!)



I am hoping… to see my grandma soon–she’s probably given up on me!



I am hearing… dishwater running, not much else as the others are outside….



Around the house… Susannah is doing dishes, Leah is helping, Anna is sitting behind me with her foot up–dropped a can of beans on it earlier (ouch!  ), the others are outside doing barn chores.  Oh, and Jessica is at a friend’s house helping them get ready for their graduation open house!



One of my favorite things… is my girls making a "town" in the big barn again!  So nice to see them doing it for the younger set!




I am praying… for friends in transitions of different kinds, and for Christians to fall in love with their Savior and spend time at His feet.



A few plans for the rest of the week: grocery shopping tomorrow, then Llama meeting, hoping to get flowers tomorrow and planted before the summer is over  ,  maybe pick strawberries Friday if the weather cooperates, and go to two graduation open houses this weekend!


Quotes of the week: 

 "Marriage requires a radical commitment to love our spouses as they are, while longing for them to become what they are not yet.  Every marriage moves either toward enhancing one another’s glory or toward degrading each other."    ~Dan Allender and Tremper Longman III

"The beauty of Christianity is in learning to love,and few life situations test that so radically as does a marriage."  ~ Gary Thomas

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."  ~Oscar Wilde

Here is picture thought I am sharing…






Simple Woman’s Daybook~May 20, 2009

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009





Outside my window…  It is a lovely day!  78 degrees, a nice breeze, sun and blue skies!


I am thinking… how incredibly blessed I am!



I am thankful for… Jesus dying on the Cross for me, so that I could receive Him as my Savior 30 years ago today!  I’m also thankful that HE is in control, whatever goes on in the world.  I’m so glad I can walk through life in this world with THE King of Kings!



From the learning rooms… the usual….Anna is looking at goatgirl‘s math program….we might be changing again! 



From the kitchen… haven’t talked to the cook yet!



I am wearing… my yellow blouse and a green floral jumper (very spring-y looking!)



I am creating… a BIG mess in dh’s shop!  Going through stuff for a garage sale. Not much time to be creating anything else right now!



I am going… to see my grandma this evening.



I am reading… The Beautiful Fight by Gary Thomas. 



I am praying… for Christians to return to their first love relationship to Christ and to realize the vast power we have in prayer.



I am hearing… munching….



Around the house… The older girls are at lessons, and goatgirl is staying with us for the day.  Right now they are all finishing lunch.  Isaiah is still eating, too, but Noah is on the couch behind me looking at books.



One of my favorite things… is watching my little guys play–they’re just too cute!



A few plans for the rest of the week:  Groceries tomorrow, work on sorting for the garage sale next weekend (YIKES!), cello recital Saturday.



Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Can’t resist sharing two–they go together!






Not sure what he was pretending, but it was too cute to pass up!



Quote of the Week:

"They became changed men themselves before they went out to change others."  ~William Penn

Blessings on your day!




Simple Woman’s Daybook~~May 12, 2009

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009



FOR TODAY… May 12, 2009


Outside my window…  It’s dark!    50ish.  The nights have been cooler, even frosting last night.


I am thinking… that I should be in bed!!!


I am thankful for… my sweet daughters who stayed up late Saturday night to make me a lovely Mother’s Day gift of a new jumper!   And for the sweet notes and cards I got as well as the vase of heavenly smelling lilacs (my favorite!) in my master bath window!   They also cleaned up the sewing room (it is now safe to walk in there!) as well as started weeding the front flower beds.


From the kitchen… just the dishwasher running now!  We had a yummy supper of individual meatloaves, green beans, cheesy potatoes and sweet potato rolls!


I am wearing… a pink blouse with a blue floral jumper.


I am creating… I already "created" it but am now tweaking it–a song I wrote and hope to sing sometime soon. 


I am going… nowhere tonight! 


I am reading… The Beautiful Fight by Gary Thomas.   I think I’ve found another good author like Ron Auch!


I am hoping… to see my grandmother tomorrow.  She’s 92!  She is probably one of the most ardent pray-ers that prayed for my salvation almost 30 years ago!


I am hearing… the tick of the cuckoo clock in the sunroom and the swish of the dishwasher running.


Around the house… all are asleep! 


One of my favorite things… Did I mention how much I love lilacs?! 


A few plans for the rest of the week:  The girls and I will sing and play for our local nutrition site tomorrow, then Thursday is Llama Club meeting for the 4-H-ers (and my other driver is away being a mama’s helper!), then hopefully Friday I can start going through stuff for a garage sale.  On Saturday my home-ec club (oops, sorry!  "Extension Homemakers" Club!) is going on our "club trip" to a small town 30 minutes away that has gobs of antique shops.  We’ll meet together for lunch in between our browsing…and I hear tell there’s a wonderful place that sells really good chocolate….I’ll let you know what I think! 


Quote of the week…. "Christian family life is a journey of maintaining God-sight and cultivating God’s heart for our spouses, our kids, and our families."  Gary Thomas in The Beautiful Fight , p. 72

Here is picture thought I am sharing:

(shhhh!  I’m snitching one of Susannah’s photos!)





Blessings on your day!





Simple Woman’s Daybook~~4 May, 2009

Monday, May 4th, 2009


FOR TODAY…. May 4, 2009


Outside my window…  It’s a beautiful day!  Well, it has gotten a bit cloudy, but it’s mostly sunny and in the 60s with a nice breeze.



I am thinking… I am not ready for the start of 4-H fair season–sort of "started" on Saturday when they weighed and tagged the goat wethers!   Two months from today we check in the animals!!! 



I am thankful for… His mercies which are new every morning!



From the learning rooms… Ah, spring fever and Mondays are hard!  The usual (math, language arts, copywork) and I’m excited to try a new approach to our Bible time–but that will probably be tomorrow!



From the kitchen… Susannah’s Soup, Broccoli-Cauliflower Casserole, Sweet Potato Rolls



I am wearing… one of my white polo shirts with cutwork on the collar and sleeves and my green floral jumper.



I am creating… some new ideas for practice for my piano students.



I am going… to see my grandma later today, I hope.



I am reading… Actually, just finished another book by Ron Auch!  Swept Away By His Presence is another gem!   I just can’t highly recommend his books enough!   It was through this book I got my ideas for our Bible time.   I also just found Gary Thomas, another great writer!  I’m reading The Beautiful Fight right now.



I am hoping… that my dear friend who is expecting any day has a wonderful delivery–and that I can make it there!  



I am hearing…  The Vivaldi Double (Concerto for two cellos–or celli!) in the living room.  Susannah and Cassia always practice it together when they get a chance!  Now for one of our pianists to be able to play the accompaniment! 



Around the house… Jessica and the boys are out loading wood on the trailer, Cassia is practicing cello, Bekah is finishing some chores, Charissa went outside (I’m not sure if it was to help or not…), not sure about the others!



One of my favorite things… sweet little dark purple violets!



A few plans for the rest of the week:

Teach lessons, take Jessica to be a helper at one of my friends’ house for a week and a half, get my flower beds weeded and ready to buy flowers on Saturday.



Here is picture thought I am sharing…




Have a blessed day!




Simple Woman’s Daybook–27 April, 2009

Monday, April 27th, 2009


For today, 27 April, 2009…..

Outside my window….. 71 degrees already at 9:30!   A beautiful, breezy day!  The trees are greening up and the lilacs are giving us a hint of what’s to come!


I am thinking…. how wonderful my walk was this morning!   Saw some beautiful little yellow violets!


From the learning rooms…. the usual fare, and going to try to get back on track with our Grapevine studies (OT Overview)–sadly has been off track since the whooping cough hit! 


I am thankful for….. God’s beauty and being able to enjoy some different scenery last weekend at a state park while camping, especially finding a sweet little waterfall in an out-of-the-way place.


From the kitchen…. Chile Corn Dogs and the rest of the menu is undecided….maybe macaroni salad…..


I am wearing…. my Debbie Mumm jumper Leah made me, blue basket-weave background with sunflowers, and a white cutwork shirt.  


I am reading…. Hinds’ Feet on High Places (for the umpteenth time!), and finishing books by Ron Auch.  I highly, highly recommend his books!  (More on that later this week!  Stay tuned!   )


I am hoping… that they aren’t burning off the meadow where I like to walk.  It belongs to the town, where they have their sewage treatment plant, and it’s always a study in different grasses and flowers!   I would miss my favorite "friends" if they decide to burn it off…..


I am creating…. this week…..not sure how much might get done, but I’d like to start work on some new jumpers!


I am praying…. for all Christians to have a deeper, more intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.


Around the house…. some are finishing outside chores, some are finishing inside chores, the boys are watching the tractor (or "brrrm brrrm", as Isaiah calls it!) as the farmer who owns the fields around us is disking.


One of my favorite things…. is meeting with my Lord in a special trysting place.


A few plans for the rest of the week….. finish sorting my mom’s stuff for a garage sale, unearth part of the sewing room (it’s gotten waaaaay worse since the picture I posted after Christmas!!!) and help make meals for a friend’s family for when she is gone for 2 weeks.


Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you….



Have a Blessed Day!




Simple Woman’s Daybook–April 20, 2009

Monday, April 20th, 2009



For today, April 20, 2009….


Outside my window…. The sun is peeking through and we just saw a double rainbow!  AND we saw both ends…getting our shovels to head out and find that pot of gold!  




I am thinking….. of how privileged I am to be a part of the Bride of Christ–and wanting to seek His face as the Bride and not His hand as one of the "daughters of Zion"!    (See When He Appears in my books I’m reading!)




From the learning rooms…. much the same…..




I am thankful for….. getting to spend lots of time with my wonderful husband yesterday!   The kids drove separately to church–I had him for a total of 3 hours all to myself!   




From the kitchen…. cheese enchiladas, meatballs and rolls!   YUM!




I am wearing…. white polo shirt with cutwork collar and sleeve hems and my navy floral print jumper.



I am reading….. you can look at my bookshelf–you can see I read in several books at a time!   I just finished Ron Auch’s book When He Appears–I highly recommend it!  (and where my statement above came from!)  I just started Unshakable Man–although a book for men, I am learning lots, too, as it is pointing to a relationship with Christ.  Also reading, The Prayer Life by Andrew Murray, The Love Dare (your marriage doesn’t have to be falling apart to glean from this book!), The Hidden Life of Prayer by D.M. McIntyre, Listening to the Language of the Bible by Lois Tverberg, and still working through The Heart of the King by Ron Auch.





I am hearing…. little people coming in to get ready for supper!  And some piano in the living room….





 I am hoping…. that we will have good weather for camping this coming weekend.




I am praying…. for Christians to fall in love with their Savior and spend time with Him!




Around the house…. Dallas is just coming in, Leah in the living room (either playing piano or "farming" with Isaiah!), Jessica is behind me reading, Cassia is pouring drinks (I mean, water and milk!), Susannah is at Dog Obedience Club and the little people are at the table.




I am recreating….. my blog after we made a boo-boo and got the template messed up!  Finally got the music back on and still need to find my buttons I had on the side!




 One of my favorite things…. is having my family all together.




A few plans for the rest of the week… getting ready for camping with our church this weekend–that will take most of the next few days!




Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you….




Have a Blessed Day!!!

Simple Woman’s Daybook–8 April, 2009

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

I’ve really fallen down on the job here!    Between normal busyness and a sore throat/cold last week, I’ve been knocked for a loop!

We’re all doing better, the sun is shining, it snowed Monday…yes, snowed!  My mom’s birthday is later this month and she says she can remember having snow covering the ground on her birthday!  Thankfully, not lately! 


For Today….


Outside My Window…. it is sunny and 50ish.  Nice change from the snow a few days ago!


I am thinking…of taking a walk later today!


From the learning rooms… the usual dailies, but it’s kind of an unofficial "Spring Break"!


I am thankful for….the sunshine!


From the kitchen….roast with carrots and potatoes—in the crock pot now!  Mmm-mm!


I am wearing…an older "Easter" jumper of multi-colored pastel flowers and stripes, with a pink blouse (and bare feet, of course!)


I am reading…The Hidden Life of Prayer by D.M. McIntyre and The Heart of the King by Ron Auch (I’ll finish it one of these days!)


I am hoping…to get back on my Bible reading schedule and finish it this month!


I am creating…a new Easter jumper for this year.


I am hearing…Isaiah hollering for Leah to get him down from the high chair ("Leeeeeahhh!  Done!"), Anna, Bekah, Charissa and Noah are heading out to see if Tiffany has had her babies yet! (Mama goat!)  The other three girls are on their way home from cello lessons.  And Pooh is barking to go outside….again!


Around the house….the bar is still messy (I should take a picture so you all feel at home!  ), there are dollhouses behind me (the new rage at our house–we put some bigger toys up and rotate, so it’s almost like new!), two Easter jumpers done and hanging behind me (we jokingly call the clothes we hang out here in the sunroom to dry our "curtains"!  They change daily and get quite colorful!), and the rest of the house is fairly "normal"–for us, that is!


A few plans for the rest of the week…finish my jumper, do T-Tapp with a neighbor/friend (we’ve gotten together twice so far–makes it fun!), the bi-weekly grocery trip, and that’s probably enough!


Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you….


Mount Bedding-on-the-Stairs!


Have a blessed day!


Simple Woman’s Daybook–9 March, 2009

Monday, March 9th, 2009



Outside my window… it is a gray day.  It was really nice Saturday–up in the 60s!   It’s now 39 so a bit cooler.


I am thinking… I need to find some motivation to get this organizing done!


I am thankful for… good friends and family who pray for you, and for the Lord Who never gives up on us!!!



From the learning rooms… It’s been low key as we try to get back into the swing of things after our epidemic.  Everyone started feeling better mid-February, so why does this take so long?!   Everyone is doing their language arts, math and copywork.  Some are reading interesting living books for history!



From the kitchen… Hearty Beef Enchiladas, cooked carrots and Parmesan Toast.    YUM!



I am wearing…  An ecru turtleneck and my NEW jumper! Finally!  (only took 4 months…..)  It’sa floral stripe on the bodice, with the skirt made of that plus three other coordinating fabrics.  I have a moire looking green, another one in burgundy, the floral stripe and a multi-color stripe.  It’s in green, rose, blue, purple, burgundy and creams.   I think it looks like a Mexican fiesta jumper!  



I am creating… nothing at the moment.  Boring, huh?!



I am reading… I was skimming through a book that had to go back to the library— Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting.    I decided I need to get my own copy! 



I am hoping… that we don’t get any more sickness!




I am hearing… Bekah and Leah finishing lunch dishes.



Around the house… Bekah and Leah talking, Noah and Isaiah are down for naps, Cassia is with Noah, Jessica is getting ready to teach her first student of the day, Susannah just came in, and Anna is with Charissa and a friend out checking out new kittens born this morning! 



One of my favorite things… are these nice "spring" days before spring is officially here!  I didn’t even have to wear a jacket Saturday for my walk!



A few plans for the rest of the week: Teach lessons, practice for a concert for my mom’s senior living apartment complex on Wednesday, hopefully a Texas Roadhouse date with dh Friday, and maybe, just maybe (whispering so Murphy’s Law doesn’t hear….) getting the bar cleaned off…..



Here is picture thought I am sharing…


And, here is the DUMB goat, Richardson, who thinks he is from the Swiss Alps!

(He’s the one who jumped from the loft a few weeks ago—still doing fine, as you can see!)