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A Homemade Christmas




I’ve decided to join Miss Emily Rose on Thursdays with ideas for a Homemade Christmas.  We do more and more homemade things each year, and this year might make the all time high!  Especially if I can find all those barely-started and half-done projects from years past, as well as materials I had planned to make in years past…..  



Of course I can’t show you my planned items for THIS year, at least not yet!  


Four years ago, when Dallas had his serious accident, I had just started a triangular shawl for myself out of Lion Brand’s Homespun yarn.  It is a simple pattern, one you don’t have to think about much, so it was perfect for those 2 weeks at the hospital!   I called it my "therapy"!   


After I finished mine, I decided to start working on one for each of my four oldest girls.   Then I got the bright idea to make one for their dolls, too!  (NOT out of the Homespun, though!)   It was a great thing for those first few months after Dallas was home (and we had LOTS of visitors!), especially since I’d just given birth to our 8th child just over a week from when hubby came home!


Since Homespun is a chunkier yarn, this will grow quite quickly!  I did add some rows towards the end since my daughters a bit taller than me (one is more than a "bit" taller!).   The fringe fuzzes out and makes a nice soft fuzzy fringe!  


Here are pictures of the girls in their shawls:





 Maybe later I can add the dolls modeling theirs!



 You can check out more ideas at Simply Vintagegirl .  If you like what you see, please vote for her at the Homeschool Blog Awards in the Best Plans, Crafts and Projects category!  And be sure to check out her sister’s beautiful print, The Library!   Might make a nice Christmas present for someone on your list!



And please remember to vote for me in the Best New Homeschool Blog category!  Thank you if you already have!   Voting ends at midnight, November 21 (that’s tomorrow!).





2 Responses to “A Homemade Christmas”

  1. magg93 says:

    They are so lovely {both the daughters and the shawls} :)

    And I know what you mean about needing 'therapy' in the hospitals when you are there for days and days. My dad was in there for quite a while, and I really didn't have any projects going and I became tired and weary from just sitting there. I really needed something to do. A shawl would've been a great project for both my Mom and I.

    Have a Great Day!




  2. fruitbuns says:

    My mum tried to teach me to knit. Even the most simple i messed up. You should of seen what I used to make. You would of laughed!

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