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For Misty…..

A friend on the Mommy T-Tapp Forums was relating how her children spilled a whole quart of honey!   She mentioned it all over the table, the floor, in hair….


And it jogged my memory of a poem I wrote a looooong time ago (I think around 1993, 94 or 95!!) when once my girls spilled a little honey, and then we all got silly "wondering" what would happen if…..


What would it be like

     if there was honey everywhere?

Honey on your hands and feet

     and even in your hair?



Honey in your ears

     And dripping off your nose.

Honey on your fingers

     and squish! between your toes!



Honey in the bathtub

     and on Mommy’s sewing, too.

Even Daddy’s workshop

     is covered with this goo.



Honey in the living room

     on the couch and chair.

Honey on the piano

     and going down the stair!



Honey in our closets

     and honey on our beds.

Honey on our clothes

     and honey on our heads.



Honey on the table

     and even in the sink.

Oh, what a mess we have!

    Don’t you think?



I think we better

     leave the honey in the bear,

And not have this sticky mess

     going everywhere!


Hope that brought a smile to your day!


(And yes, ONE more plea to please vote for my blog, as well as Simply Vintagegirl’s!  "Polls" close at midnight tonight!  Thank you! )



8 Responses to “For Misty…..”

  1. fruitbuns says:

    How did she clean it up?

  2. Mama9blessings says:

    She didn't say! But she did say she could have made two dresses in the time it took her to clean it up! =8-0 (She was trying to get dresses sewn for her three daughters for a trip they're taking!)

    It was bad enough all those years ago just spilling a little on our table!

    Can't call the dog in for that one! ; )


  3. KathyH says:


    I see you are still ahead in the poll. I hope you win. I'll be checking if I'm up that late tonight. If not, then in the morning. Kathy

  4. Mama9blessings says:

    I made it to the library to vote, but not to a computer store! ; ) Thanks for voting for me and rooting for me! I know you know what this is like! : )



  5. Eshell says:

    Ask Brookelyn how to clean up honey that goes all over your head and runs down between cabinets. What a mess! We had to use lots of paper towels and hot water. She dumped about 3 pounds of honey! EERR!

  6. Jocelyndixon says:

    That's a cute little poem! I love honey, not sure about it everywhere though!

    I hope you win your category! :) We all voted for you and Emily.

    Did you still need a header image/blog makeover? lmk



  7. JacqueDixonSoulRestES says:

    I canNOT imagine cleaning that up! UGH. a few drops on the table are enough for me!

    I wanted to tell you that I like your new avatar photo too.


  8. MaidenInTraining says:

    A beautiful poem for Mrs Brown! I love it very much~

    Thanks for doing it, for her!!

    And, I am glad we got to come to Miss Susannah's birthday party!!! What a lovely party! And what lovely games that we played! Glad we got to come!

    I hope that you all of you are doing okay! I love the pictures of all of your children on your sidebar!

    Blessings to you~ My friend/Mrs Richardson

    Love you all!


    Miss Hannah


    Ps. I love those dresses that you all have on the sidebar! I love them! I would like one too! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

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