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Simple Woman’s Daybook–April 20, 2009



For today, April 20, 2009….


Outside my window…. The sun is peeking through and we just saw a double rainbow!  AND we saw both ends…getting our shovels to head out and find that pot of gold!  




I am thinking….. of how privileged I am to be a part of the Bride of Christ–and wanting to seek His face as the Bride and not His hand as one of the "daughters of Zion"!    (See When He Appears in my books I’m reading!)




From the learning rooms…. much the same…..




I am thankful for….. getting to spend lots of time with my wonderful husband yesterday!   The kids drove separately to church–I had him for a total of 3 hours all to myself!   




From the kitchen…. cheese enchiladas, meatballs and rolls!   YUM!




I am wearing…. white polo shirt with cutwork collar and sleeve hems and my navy floral print jumper.



I am reading….. you can look at my bookshelf–you can see I read in several books at a time!   I just finished Ron Auch’s book When He Appears–I highly recommend it!  (and where my statement above came from!)  I just started Unshakable Man–although a book for men, I am learning lots, too, as it is pointing to a relationship with Christ.  Also reading, The Prayer Life by Andrew Murray, The Love Dare (your marriage doesn’t have to be falling apart to glean from this book!), The Hidden Life of Prayer by D.M. McIntyre, Listening to the Language of the Bible by Lois Tverberg, and still working through The Heart of the King by Ron Auch.





I am hearing…. little people coming in to get ready for supper!  And some piano in the living room….





 I am hoping…. that we will have good weather for camping this coming weekend.




I am praying…. for Christians to fall in love with their Savior and spend time with Him!




Around the house…. Dallas is just coming in, Leah in the living room (either playing piano or "farming" with Isaiah!), Jessica is behind me reading, Cassia is pouring drinks (I mean, water and milk!), Susannah is at Dog Obedience Club and the little people are at the table.




I am recreating….. my blog after we made a boo-boo and got the template messed up!  Finally got the music back on and still need to find my buttons I had on the side!




 One of my favorite things…. is having my family all together.




A few plans for the rest of the week… getting ready for camping with our church this weekend–that will take most of the next few days!




Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you….




Have a Blessed Day!!!

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