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Simple Woman’s Daybook~~May 12, 2009



FOR TODAY… May 12, 2009


Outside my window…  It’s dark!    50ish.  The nights have been cooler, even frosting last night.


I am thinking… that I should be in bed!!!


I am thankful for… my sweet daughters who stayed up late Saturday night to make me a lovely Mother’s Day gift of a new jumper!   And for the sweet notes and cards I got as well as the vase of heavenly smelling lilacs (my favorite!) in my master bath window!   They also cleaned up the sewing room (it is now safe to walk in there!) as well as started weeding the front flower beds.


From the kitchen… just the dishwasher running now!  We had a yummy supper of individual meatloaves, green beans, cheesy potatoes and sweet potato rolls!


I am wearing… a pink blouse with a blue floral jumper.


I am creating… I already "created" it but am now tweaking it–a song I wrote and hope to sing sometime soon. 


I am going… nowhere tonight! 


I am reading… The Beautiful Fight by Gary Thomas.   I think I’ve found another good author like Ron Auch!


I am hoping… to see my grandmother tomorrow.  She’s 92!  She is probably one of the most ardent pray-ers that prayed for my salvation almost 30 years ago!


I am hearing… the tick of the cuckoo clock in the sunroom and the swish of the dishwasher running.


Around the house… all are asleep! 


One of my favorite things… Did I mention how much I love lilacs?! 


A few plans for the rest of the week:  The girls and I will sing and play for our local nutrition site tomorrow, then Thursday is Llama Club meeting for the 4-H-ers (and my other driver is away being a mama’s helper!), then hopefully Friday I can start going through stuff for a garage sale.  On Saturday my home-ec club (oops, sorry!  "Extension Homemakers" Club!) is going on our "club trip" to a small town 30 minutes away that has gobs of antique shops.  We’ll meet together for lunch in between our browsing…and I hear tell there’s a wonderful place that sells really good chocolate….I’ll let you know what I think! 


Quote of the week…. "Christian family life is a journey of maintaining God-sight and cultivating God’s heart for our spouses, our kids, and our families."  Gary Thomas in The Beautiful Fight , p. 72

Here is picture thought I am sharing:

(shhhh!  I’m snitching one of Susannah’s photos!)





Blessings on your day!





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