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Thankful Thursday~A Godly Grandmother




I missed yesterday, but I can still be thankful on Friday! 


I am grateful for my grandma.   She is 92 now, but still sharp mentally.   I firmly believe her prayers more than anyone’s are the reason I’m a Christian today.  She and Grandpa got saved later in life, when my dad and his brothers were almost grown.  My dad and mom didn’t get saved until later, so I didn’t grow up in a Christian home, although it was a loving home. 


I would go to church with Grandma and Grandpa occasionally, and even though I didn’t understand a lot then and fell asleep during the sermon  I still am glad she was willing to take me!  She would "advance" as a Sunday school teacher so she could be teaching the class her grandchildren were in (my cousins and I were all close in age).  Wasn’t that convenient?!  


She and I have had some wonderful talks since I became a Christian, and especially when I started growing more. 


My grandfather passed away in 1981.   My grandma came to live with us and about the same time I started dating my husband, a gentleman she had known through church started courting her!  (Even asked my dad’s permission, too!)  Long story short–Dad gave his daughter away one day, and his mother the next! 



She has faithfully prayed for her family and others all through the years, and I am so grateful for her example.  She told me just a few months ago how she and my step-grandpa were challenged by my step-great-grandpa’s habit of reciting Psalm 91 every day.  He had it memorized!  (He was 93 when I met him and lived to be 100!)   So Grandpa and Grandma set out to memorize Psalm 91 in their 70s!


Grandma was recently in the hospital, then in a nursing home for congestive heart failure.  She is doing better and is planning to live with my cousin, who is planning on taking care of them both (Grandpa has Alzheimer’s now, which is so sad.)   I’m grateful that she is doing better and that my cousin is able to have them there.  I plan to go see her soon–the last time I saw her at the nursing home we had such a nice visit!   I told her then that I appreciated the Godly heritage I have because of her!


She prayed for me and my family, and I prayed for her before I left.  Although she is 92, she doesn’t think she has "arrived"!   I would say she is a whole lot closer than I am, though! 


So today, and every day, I am grateful to my lovely grandmother whose love for Jesus has rubbed off on me!


What are you grateful for today?



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  1. Jocelyndixon says:

    That is awesome and what a blessing. :) I'm blessed to have my grandmother living here with us but I wish we would have been able to know my Grt-grandmother who was one of the godliest women my parents knew.

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