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Great Specials from T-Tapp!


T-Tapp is having some SUPER specials!


Here is Heather’s Special, which would be enough to get started–PLUS there is a one-time 30% coupon in the book you can send in for future purchases!


Here is another Heather’s Special—a bit more, but you get a couple more advanced workouts (LadyBug and Critter Crunch Floor–which is more of a clinic style, but lots of good tips!), and you still get the book, too!


If you are new to T-Tapp, I’m not sure how the second special works as you usually need to be in their database before you can purchase the more advanced workouts.  If you’re interested, you could call and ask (their staff is super friendly and helpful!)  





There are also some super closeouts–most are VHS, but there is Basic Workout Plus and a combo of Basic Workout Plus and Step Away the Inches that are dvds with an old label.  You can see them here.


If you choose the first special, and wonder where to start,    you start with the Instructionals!  First Instructional 1.  Do that for at least a week (take one day off).  When you can anticipate Teresa’s next words, you could move to the Basic Workout Plus portion for awhile.  There is NO need to be in a hurry to learn everything!


You could also do Step Away the Inches to alternate.  Let’s say, after a week or so of Instructional 1, you could do:


MWF–Basic Workout Plus

T/Th/ and S if you want–Step Away the Inches


That’s basically what I did for about 6 months and lost 4 sizes!


I would add their body brush for $10, if you’re already ordering.  Skin brushing (along with dead sea salt baths and masks) has helped my skin tighten up, especially that belly!  And my stretch marks have lightened quite a bit.  Not to mention my skin is very soft! 


I usually recommend MORE to start because of the slower pace, but this is a really good deal, and if you just remember these three things, you can do it with this set!


1. The Pause Button Is Your Friend!  (You can take another water break or a longer one and no one will come and haul you off!)


2. You can do just 4 reps and still get results!  (4 reps in good form are better than slogging through 8 just to say you did them!)


3. Tuck your buns (belly button to spine) and keep the muscles as tight as you can!



Oh, one more tip–on plies, you can just hold the plie squat while you learn the arms portion, or if going up and down wears you out!   AND you can kick out between the sets!  Remember rule #1!!!


The "Heather Specials" are good until June 25, 2009.   You can always save your change!  That’s how I originally bought the Total Workout and Step Away the Inches!  


Remember the T-Tapp motto:  Less Is More!



Finally, here is a link to a wonderful video montage of Charlotte Siems, mom of 12, who went from a 22W to a size 4 in less than two years!  From Couch Potato to WOW!   She is a real sweetie! 


View Charlotte’s Video. (It takes Windows Media Player.)



Happy Tappin’! 


4 Responses to “Great Specials from T-Tapp!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just found your blog. It brought tears to my eyes. I have 7 daughters in a row, 1 son, and two more daughters, 2 adopted sons, 3 adopted daughters, 1 step son, 2 step daughters. I was widowed at 44 then remarried at 50. All my children are grown and gone except my adopted 22 year old handicapped son. How I would love to go back and do it all over again!!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell that you love being a mother too. You have a beautiful family. Blessing to all of you.

    In His Footsteps, Anne

  2. olive says:

    Hi :)

    I found your blog through the T-Tapp forums.

    I've just started T-Tapping about 2 months ago, on and off.

    Your results are VERY encouraging.

    I actually have a question about skin brushing.

    How do you actually do it? Is their a specific pattern to follow?

    I've found a couple of videos on youtube, but I'm not sure if it's the same thing.


  3. Mama9blessings says:

    Thank you, Anne and Olive, for your sweet words! I'm glad you have enjoyed my blog!

    Yes, Anne, sometimes I wish they were all little again! But it would be nice to have had some of the wisdom I've gained over the years and relax and enjoy them more back then!!!

    Olive, I've not checked out the instructions on youtube, but Teresa does have a certain order to do the brushing in. Plus her brush is really nice–and I read somewhere that the same brush is available elsewhere, but I can't find the info as to where right now!

    The brush and written instructions are $15 (plus shipping) from T-tapp: https://store.t-tapp.com/products/CRT-Body-Brush-with-Instructions-and-CD-Combo.html

    She also has a dvd where she shows you (with her exercise clothes on, of course!). I borrowed that from a friend.

    The written instructions are pretty good. I will give a friendly warning that her outfit on there might show more than you'd want the men in your house to see! I realize that's not a big deal to some people, but I keep mine put away and only refer to it when needed.

    I honestly believe it does make a difference! The cellulite is slower going away, but it IS going! Her alfalfa is great, too! ; )

    Here are the benefits of skin brushing, posted by a trainer on the forums (Michelle Barbuto):

    Benefits of skin brushing:

    # TIGHTENS Skin

    # HELPS Digestion

    # REMOVES Cellulite

    # STIMULATES Circulation (helps reduce swelling and fluid retention)

    # INCREASES Cell Renewal

    # CLEANS Lymphatic System

    # REMOVES Dead Skin Layers

    # STRENGTHENS Immune System

    # IMPROVES Exchange between Cells

    # STIMULATES the Glands, thus helping ALL of the

    Body Systems to perform at PEAK EFFICIENCY!

    Lots of good reasons to add it into your life! : )

    Hope that helps! Feel free to ask more questions if you need to!



  4. Olive says:

    Thank you for the detailed reply!

    Well, I just ordered the Total workout package about 3 months ago, I didn't really know about the other stuff then.I realize that the written instructions are for $15 , but since I'm in Canada , the shipping costs add up a lot, and frankly right now I don't think I can afford it..

    I did get a nice brush from Wal-mart, and saw a couple of videos online , but wasn't really sure if that's the way to go, as I am most concerned about my belly ( a couple of pregnancies ) and my upper arms.

    But thanks anyway :)

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