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Please Pray for the Estes Family

Noah had his broviac line removed a few days ago.  He has GREAT troubles keeping IVs in and it is traumatic for him.  It’s been a rough few days.  He must be fever free for 5 days before they can put in a new line, and this is essential for him to receive optimal nourishment.  He has already blown several IV lines, they just got another in less than an hour ago. PLEASE PRAY for this one to "hold" and for him to remain fever free (he spiked a fever earlier it sounds like, so the clock starts over   ).  Also pray that they find what is causing the fever.



The little guy just turned 3 on Monday, and Kate said they were told that he probably wouldn’t live to three.



Mamas, hug your little ones and please say a prayer for Noah and his very tired, emotionally drained mama.



You can click on the button on the side bar "Please Pray for Noah Estes".



Thank you SO much!


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