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And the Winner Is……



Thank you EVERYONE for your wonderful entries!  It was so nice to read all your sweet comments and how many of you are going to start a Gratefulness Journal for your husbands or daddies!  You will bless them incredibly! 

I wish you ALL could have won!

I want to remind you that there are  wonderful resources at Revive Our Hearts–you can sign up for 30 Day Challenges, and two of them are a Gratefulness Challenge and a Husband Encouragement Challenge!  You will get an e-mail each day focusing on another aspect of gratefulness and encouragement.  I highly recommend them!    You can find them here.

Here are two more wonderful resources at Revive Our Hearts:

A Prayer for Women by Pastor John Piper

Characteristics of a Meek and Quiet Spirit

One more—this is available as a booklet, which I recommend you get one and keep it with your Bible to read through every day.   It has 28 Scriptures with self-examination questions in the first part, and it has 32 statements in the back part covering three categories of building your home up, or tearing it down–Attitudes, Words, Actions.  This lends itself very nicely to going through it in a month, reading one of the sections in the first part, then reading one set of statements in the second part (doubling up on the last day)!   I’ve been doing this for 10 years now (my cover has come off!) and it has helped me tremendously in focusing on what God would have me be as a woman whose heart is stayed upon Him, as well as what I call "True Heart Submission".

A Biblical Portrait of Womanhood

May these resources help you as you strive to be a Godly woman who is a blessing to the men in her life!

Again, thank you ALL for entering!

And another surprise……

Tomorrow I will have a second giveaway!  

See you in the morning! 


3 Responses to “And the Winner Is……”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am SOOOO excited for Piglet!!! YAY!!! YAHOOO!!!



  2. Piglet2u says:

    I am so very grateful to receive this beautiful shawl and Gratefulness Journal that I will fill for my DH and gift it to him when I do! I felt from the start that the Lord had His hand in this for me. I will always feel connected to Trisch each time I use it and in spirit as the Lord has made it possible for us to become friends through the Internet. Miles don't matter, either!

    I hope to get a friend to take a picture of me in it so I can send it to you. It will be so special to see the picture of you wearing it too. I want to save that picture and hang it on my wall of photos!

    The Lord is so precious and good and so comforting and He makes His love most known to those in great need of it. Actually we are always in great need of it, but we are more tuned in to Him in the tough times.

    Thank you so much, again, Trisch, for this inspired and lovely outreach and for putting so much of yourself into it. I pray the other ladies will continue with their Gratefulness Journals and allow the Lord to transform them and their marriages through it!

    Jennifer, bless your heart for rejoicing with me!

    God's most beautiful blessings to each of you and may the Lord multiply His blessings back to Trisch as so many lives will be touched as we shared this lovely lesson!

  3. Mirage @ http://everypreciousjoy.blogspot.com/ says:

    Congratulations Piglet2u! :)

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