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A “Healthy” Giveaway!

As promised, I have another giveaway this week!



I mean, it’s so much FUN!



Well, except that I want EVERYONE to win! 



With the holiday season upon us, we often are faced with LOTS of food, LOTS of tempting desserts, LOTS of reasons to not get workouts in, and LOTS of reasons to let go of a LOT of healthy things we normally do!!!



Added to that, how many of us would like to see our kids move more?  I forget the statistics, but more and more schools are completely cutting out P.E.  It wasn’t MY favorite class in school, either!   BUT–there are so many more media gadgets that actually keep kids indoors glued to screens vs. out playing games for fun and exercise, riding bikes, etc.



Added to THAT, in some parts of the country, just getting bundled up to weather the cold and do ANYTHING outside is a workout in itself! 



So for my second giveaway, I am going to help you!    You know I LOVE LOVE LOVE T-Tapp and all it’s done for me!  If you happen to NOT know that, I’ll give you a condensed version!  (If you want the long version, just click on T-Tapp in my Categories on the sidebar!   )



I’ve lost 131 inches and 7 sizes, going from a 22/24W to a size 10/12 in 2 1/2 years!   WITHOUT stressing about what I eat—no counting calories, eating regular meals with my family, just making a few healthy choices here and there and STILL enjoying my Endangered Species Dark Chocolate and a dessert at potlucks! 


I’ve only lost 19 pounds!  (Weight doesn’t matter!–Muscle and bone density DO!)

I have more energy, stamina, clearer thinking…..I have a lump under my arm that has reduced in size to be the smallest it’s been in TEN years!  



T-Tapp is about total body health for me!   Inch loss is great, and it "reels us in", but it’s the other benefits, the ones you can’t "measure", that really count!  (Here is a post on the T-Tapp  Forums that I did on that very subject a year or so ago!)



As my gift of health to YOU, I am giving away FREE the TappCore dvd that Teresa developed for schools!   There are 9 moves on here–each move has a 3-5 minute instructional, then the straight through move is about 2 minutes.   The walking one is longer (I haven’t timed it lately, but it’s not terribly long!).  She walks with Buddy in his little carry bag on her back during that one! 


Teresa told of one school where the teacher has the kids do Hoedowns about 2:00 in the afternoon–right before reading class!  Hoedowns have been proven to lower blood sugar and they clear the mind–these kids have super concentration after doing their afternoon Hoedown!



The goal is to try to get three of these moves over the course of a day.   But you can fit them in however it works with your schedule.   My younger girls do three at a time and love it!   In fact, we have a video of our youngest T-Tapper, Isaiah!


 T-Tapp Toddler (sorry about having to tilt your head–we’re working on that!)



Since I have a variety of readers with many different preferences, I will let you know that Teresa is in workout wear.  If you think that may be a problem for you for whatever reason, you might want to preview it and perhaps learn the moves so you can teach them to your kids (after all, when you teach you learn it better, right?!)



If you have specific questions to determine if this fits in with your family style and routine, please e-mail me (link on the sidebar).



I love Teresa’s heart!  She is all about health–yes, inches lost, looking good all count, of course.  But as one who got to spend nearly a week at her retreat and talked to her a few times one on one, I can assure you she is very real and truly desires health in ALL ages!  She’s even working on a dvd for Senior Fitness that should be out next year!  


You can click on the banner below for more information about T-Tapp at her website.






Okay, I know!   How can you enter?




I forgot in last week’s giveaway to make sure you gave me a way to contact you!  If you plan to see if you win and then send me your contact information, that is fine!  (I know you might not be comfortable posting your e-mail address).  


And if you are a young person still at home, please make sure this is okay with your parents first!


1. Tell me how you plan to use this dvd if you win it.  I won’t be sending anyone to check up on you!  Just tell me what you think at this point you would do!



2. Tell three friends about this giveaway.



3. Blog, Tweet, post on facebook or a forum you’re on…..and let me know!



4. Think of ONE other healthy habit you can add during the Holiday season!  Some ideas:



~Drink more water (less soda or coffee)


~Eat more veggies (or, eat at least ONE veggie!  LOL!)


~Eat a good breakfast


~Eat fewer desserts! 



5. If you already T-Tapp or work out, let me know that you worked out that day and post it!  Tell me what you did!  


Here’s to better health–the T-Tapp way!   


17 Responses to “A “Healthy” Giveaway!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi there.

    I'd like to enter my name for the TappCore giveaway. I already have TappCore but have a friend that is interested in the workout so I'd love to get another copy. Our girls are in dance together & could use some help with arm strength & core strength.

    I'm Mrs.Sweaty on the T-Tapp forums ;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Trisch!

    If I win T-Tapp Core, I will use it to get myself going on my T-tapp journey, as often as is recommended by the T-Tapp Queen herself!! I am hoping to be able to purchase more T-Tapp as a gift from my parents this year, so this would be a fabulous way for me to begin!!

    I am also telling others about T-Tapp, and can't wait to learn more so that I can teach them, too!!

    As far as better habits, I am walking every day with my dogs, a minimum of 45 minutes, often more.

    I will also post this on my facebook.

    Bless you for being so inspiring to others here, and on the T-Tapp board!!


  3. Speshe says:

    I would like to enter in your giveaway contest! I'm speshe on the ttapp forums. I worked out today using Ladybug Standing, as my total workout for Tappy Holidays week 2. I am trying to eat breakfast every morning, drink more water, and eat veggies! If I win, I plan to add the workout to my ever growing collection of TTapp videos, and work to whittle my waist!


  4. Speshe says:

    I'm going to post a link about this on my facebook at http://www.facebook.com/speshe

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ohhh, I'd love to win this! I've been checking out the Ttapp sight for ages now, just cannot afford to purchase the items. I've been doing the 'try before you buy' exercises, but I'd like to try more. I live in such a small, rural area, no gyms within 30 miles, just lots of dirt roads! I do walk with my dog, but the snow is starting to fly, so soon that will not be possible. Although I love eggnog, I stick mainly to water over the holidays and load up on veggies. This year I'm only making one pie for Thanksgiving and letting everyone else have a piece first. If it's gone before I get to it, so be it. I'm ready to try this program! You are really an inspiration, I hope to be as successful in the weightloss area as you.

    bookworm1414 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would love to enter your T-TappCore giveaway! It would be great to have this for our growing family. I would use it worked into our day and in the coming years as we start homeschooling to help keep our blessings strong and healthy!! They already help remind me to do T-Tapp and my son (21mon.) will, out of the blue just start doing one of her moves, his favorite right now is the 'turning your head to each side' fast during the Primary back stretch, he says "Over-thide" :)

    I love the way I feel after doing the T-Tapp More workout, and believe it has really helped me this third pregnancy. I also am striving to drink more water!

    Have a great day, thanks for the Blogg :)

    Laura Shoemaker

  7. kaleanna says:

    Hi Trisch,

    I did Basic Workout+ today. Today is also day three of having NO soda! I have been drinking lots of water. I already have a TappCore DVD but want to get my mom to try it so I would give this dvd to her.

    I am kaleanna on the forums and my email is kaleanna@hotmail.com

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Again! :)

    Just wanted to update you on my exercise for the day!

    I walked thirty minutes at quite the brisk pace with my doggies…

    I also ate much better today than normal, woo hoo!!!

    Thanks again for this giveaway!!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi again Trisch! I'm so glad you have more entries :)

    Yesterday was a schedualed day off but I did do OIP/HF LB & DD before bed. Today I did LB BWO+.


  10. Grayce says:

    I will use the tappCORE in the afternoons for a nice pick-me-up!!

    I've been drinking my water faithfully – and though I've been sick this week I've been watching what I'm eating, cutting back on portions and NOTHING TO EAT after 7:30 – oh! I started my honey/Cinnamon last night!! YEA FOR ME!!

    Sending your blog link to three friends!

  11. kaleanna says:

    I did BWO+ this morning. I also did an additional set of hoe downs after I got home from lunch because I had about 4oz of soda.



  12. Lauri says:

    Hi Trisch!

    Just checking in to let you know that I ate more veggies today, AND yesterday, and also walked today for thirty minutes with my doggies. I had to do it late at night both last night and tonight, which is why it was cut short.

    I think we are determined to make sure your random thinga magjig is in full swing for this one!

    Thank you again for this awesome giveaway!! And, for caring so much about others and their health.

    See you soon!


  13. Anonymous says:

    Checking in again Trisch :)

    I did Tempo Torso this morning, wow that's a hard one! I also had tap dancing class last night for over an hour. Boy did our teacher work us hard. We were dripping so much I think we left puddles on the floor. LOL

  14. Anonymous says:

    Oops forgot to post that I'm Mrs.Sweaty in the previous post.

  15. angdesa says:

    well…I was hesitant to enter this giveaway due to the fact that I am in the middle of a pregnancy (our 7th child, a little boy, is due at the beginning of March). I have not read about this form of exercise, so, I don't honestly know if it can be done while pregnant. However, I know for a fact I could do it after the birth.

    I have been trying to be careful not to "eat the whole house" and I try to make smart decisions about portion size, eating veggies, etc. I don't want to gain unneccesary weight during pregnancy. I will have about 25-30 lbs (or however many inches that amounts to) to lose once I deliver.

    So…we'll see… :)

    Angela H.

  16. Lauri says:

    Hi Trisch!

    I just wanted to report in that I had salad for lunch, woo hoo! AND I walked an hour tonight.

    This is the most consistent I have EVEr been in a super long time… I feel like I can't NOT do it… I am very committed to being ready for t-tapp should I get it for Christmas…. AND, getting into the best shape of my life!!

    I also ate chia seeds when I really wanted something sugary and fatty :).

    Bless you!!!


  17. Anonymous says:

    I have not heard much about ttap but it sounds wonderful. If I get this I would sure use it to try to loose inches and get healthier thanks for offering such a great giveaway.



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