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Want to Get in Shape for Summer?

I am just finishing up an online class with T-Tapp trainer Lani Muelrath.  She’s in the original Total Workout with Teresa!



I have to say this has been GREAT!  It has helped me get back into consistency (January is always a slack-off month for me!),  has helped me with better muscle activation, as well as maintaining a 2 pound weight loss! (That’s a lot for me–remember I have only lost 25 pounds total now in 3 years, yet I’ve lost 152 inches and 7 sizes! )



During this month, I haven’t dropped a size like I wanted, BUT—I dropped something else more exciting!



A lump under my arm!     I had this lump that has been there for years, and in the past several years there was a harder lump within it.  I have kept a close watch on it, and T-Tapp had reduced it by half, then another third last fall!



But last week, the small, hard pea sized lump was GONE!



THAT is better than losing a size!!!! 



Lani has a separate forum for those of us taking the class, so we can ask questions, share frustrations and rejoice together over victories.  She has a call once a week, and although I’m a visual learner, it’s been amazing how well Lani coaches over the phone!  It’s great!  And she has the calls recorded and up in the forum area, so if you can’t make the calls or want to relisten, you can.



You all know I’ve sung the praises of T-Tapp here!  It has been the ONLY workout that works for me!  Lani, as a head trainer, has been sharing some of her "secrets" with us on the Booty Camp, which takes things up a notch!



Sometimes it’s hard to get to an event with a trainer, and this would be a good option.  No, she won’t be able to see you and critique you, but I am amazed at how someone will share a struggle with a move, and by asking a few key questions, she can offer advice that usually hits the mark!



Soooo…Lani is offering another online class for the month of May, called "Gams, Glutes, Abs and Arms 4 Summer"! 



And she will be having some online videos of the extra moves she is adding in (that are non-T-Tapp)!



She has an earlybird special (or until the class fills up, and I guess she’s getting registrants already!), and if you can swing it, I would HIGHLY recommend you go for it!




Lani even offers a 3 month payment option, dividing it up to help out!  (That’s how I did it for the Booty Camp!  )




Before I post the link, I just want to say that I know we all have differing standards of what we consider "modest".  That said, I don’t expect everyone to look like me.    I will say you might want to preview the webpage before your children or husband is around, depending on your convictions.




When you know the cost of private sessions (or even clinics!) with a trainer, this is a really good bargain!  




The Earlybird Special is just up until March 10 (or the class fills up first!), and if you decide to go for it, would you kindly put me down as a referral?  I get "class credit"!  




If you’re interested, click HERE!



And maybe I’ll "see" you in class!  (I’ve been saying the family could eat more beans…..they are more healthy for them anyway! LOL!)




3 Responses to “Want to Get in Shape for Summer?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    To think about posting a note about Lani's GGAA4S on your blog spot. I hope you get your 3 referrals!

    Laura AKA Summertime

  2. Jacque http://jacquedixon.com says:

    Way to go! I am so thrilled for you!

    I would LOVE to lose some weight for summer – or Spring – or how about just For EVER!!!


    LOVED having you over. Wish we could do it weekly! Did you get to see the dance video on Amanda's blog?

    AND… I am giving away Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream Concentrate on my blog… and it's gluten-free!

    And here are some recipes, if you are interested:



  3. Anonymous says:

    My friend turned me on to t-tapp and your blog. I'm excited to learn more about your journey. Hopefully Lani will have more of these classes in the future – I'd love to participate.

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