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Deep Discount Tuesday! A Peek at Senior Fit!

Monday, April 16th, 2012

This is sooo exciting!


Remember when I went to Ft. Lauderdale a year ago?   We filmed a PBS documentary special that the PBS stations can use to raise funds.   We’ve anxiously been awaiting the appearance of Senior Fit (which continues to be tweaked!), and now you can have a little “taste”–and a sweet deal to go with!!!


If  you haven’t seen the Sizzle Reel--it’s a little bit  of everything that the PBS stations can put on for their fundraising–interviews with individual T-Tappers,  Mary Shomon and Teresa Tapp giving excellent talks on Healthy Hormones, and some of Senior Fit that we all did together.


Now on Deep Discount Tuesday–you can purchase a behind the scenes Documentary with a special 10 minute sequence of Senior Fit exercises!


But that’s not all–when you purchase this special, you also get your CHOICE of THREE different T-Tapp workouts–for FREEEEEEEE!!!!  You can choose from Broom workout, Warm Up Workout 2 or LadyBug workout (old label–content is the same, just an older label)!!!!


If you’ve been anxiously waiting to see Senior Fit or wonder what all the buzz is, this is the BEST deal for you!


Happy shopping!!!





Giveaway #3!

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Another great giveaway!


(And no, I haven’t stopped blogging here–just crazy-busy on the business side of things!  I have some posts planned hopefully for next week–non-T-Tapp related! ;) )

Uprooting Lies

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012


New post about how believing lies affect us physically over at Be Youthful.

Don’t forget a new Giveaway starts tomorrow!

Giveaway #2!

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

I realized that I forgot to link you to my next giveaway at my other website!


You still have time!  It runs until Wednesday at midnight!


I’m being vague with descriptions to hopefully keep the ads clean here! :)


See you over there!



T-Tapp Tuesday–For Better Results….

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

I posted at my other website today about staying in the muscle–for better results!


Stay in the Muscle!


It’s also Deep Discount Tuesday–see you over there!

It’s Not All About Willpower

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Just posted this over on Be Youthful ‘n Fit!


It’s Not All About Willpower

Workout Wednesday–A New Home!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Well, finally, after much trying this and that and changing and putting my poor daughter, Jessica, through a lot as my resident IT girl ;)  I have a new home for my T-Tapp posts!


Be Youthful ‘n Fit!


Since certifying to be a T-Tapp Trainer, I’ve been working on my website–and with Jessica’s help, it’s coming along nicely!  I had a few setbacks, and I wanted other things “in place” before launching, but I finally decided you all wouldn’t mind a little “construction dust” here and there!  (Right?! ;) )


Don’t worry! I’ll still be blogging about other things here at HSB!  But it’s time to move the exercise posts over (and they’re not there yet, but we’re working on it! So if you want a past post, keep coming back here and checking the archives for now!)


I hope once I get a few more “business” things taken care of, I can be more regular with my blogging–at both places!


There will be giveaways, so head on over to check it out!  And let me know what you think!

Workout Wednesday–Trap Dominance

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

We all seem to have it!


Between poor posture, lots of reading, slouching at computers ;) as well as while driving, caring for children, etc. etc. etc., our traps become way more dominant and the lats become weaker, making it even harder to “sit up straight” for very long!


Added to that, we tend to store stress (so to speak) in our traps as well, so for most women (can’t speak for the men!), trap dominance is a given.


First of all, what and where are the traps?


The trapezius muscle is a triangular muscle with the three points between the lower back, shoulder and neck/base of skull.  Many tension headaches can be attributed to the tension in this muscle.   Not to mention tight, sore shoulders, as well.



Here is a picture of where the traps are located.


So, what do we do about it?!


Ribs UP!


By getting the ribs up and shoulders back in alignment with the hips, you equalize the workload on the shoulder–the muscles are working more equally vs. some pulling more than others.  This also engages the lats  (latissimus dorsi, picture here), which help balance the traps!


It truly is a “balancing act”!



I know I’ve said ribs up a LOT on here, but that’s because it is so important!  Whenever you hear Teresa say “shoulders back” on the dvds, think ribs up.  For me, I was trying to squeeze the shoulder blades together, which is starting to get the idea, but it tends to be overinvasive, leading to inflammation.   Also, you are usually using the traps to “push” the shoulders back vs. the lats to “pull” them back.


I liken it to the difference between a military “standing at attention” and a graceful “model” stance.


Try it there, sitting at the computer.  Get all slouchy. :)   Now bring your shoulders up and back by squeezing your shoulder blades together.  You probably feel the muscle tightening up in your shoulder blade area most.


Now get all slouchy again. :)


This time think of a string pulling your head up, up, up and your ribcage out of your tummy.  Once you get as “high” as the “string” can pull you, gently relax your shoulders while still keeping ribs up.


Now you should feel the tightening more in the lat region.  (Around your br*a band.)


You will get tired, especially if like most of us, you spend much of your time reading, caring for children or elderly parents, leaning over washing dishes, cleaning, etc.


But with time, the lats will get stronger and it will be easier to stay in good posture for longer periods of time!


The more I do this, the more my trap tension also seems to release!  Recently I was extra tense (um…certifications plus riding in the van for 22 hours over 2 days!), and it seemed I just couldn’t get my traps to fully release.    Part of my problem is I needed a new pillow!  (That is coming up on Friday–I’ll be returning to Fabulous Family Friday with some reviews this week!)   But even throughout the day, I just couldn’t fully relax.


I thought maybe I might need a chiropractic adjustment, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was totally in the muscle.


I kept focusing on ribs up (not that I’m doing it 100% of the time–far from it!), and doing Kayla’s trick with finding the breastbone, then the bottom of the ribs, and physically lifting them.  That usually does it for me, but this was a stubborn case!  :p


The toughest part is to relax the shoulders–no hunching!  And you don’t have to be in an over-exaggerated hunch to be truly “hunching”!  But by continuing to “practice” and think “relax”, I eventually got things back in balance!


Ribs up is soooo key to much of our body alignment!  As I’ve posted before, it helps with inch loss in the arms, tummy and thighs. It helps the adrenals.  It helps our thoughts! ;)   And now you have a key to help release some tension and enjoy your day just a bit better!





I’m not trying to string everyone along about my surprise!  I’m awaiting a few final things to fall into place and then I can make the grand announcement!  As I said there will be giveaways involved–yes, plural!


Until next time–


Happy Tappin’!


Thankful Thursday–Thankful for T-Tapp! (And Ribs Up!)

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Today is my five year anniversary with T-Tapp!  Wow!  Who could have known then that in 5 years I would be a certified T-Tapp Trainer?!   Even more, I’m thankful for my health as well as finally finding a workout that works–without having to neglect my family to do so!  It’s my prayer that I can help others on their journey to a better body and better health!


Just think–where could you be in  5 years with T-Tapp?  It all adds up… one workout at a time!





I’m sure if you’ve heard much about T-Tapp, you’ve heard “Ribs Up!” more than a few times! ;)


That is actually a part of the T-Tapp stance set up.  Teresa says “shoulders back” in earlier videos.  Most of us tend to be trap dominant (we store stress there–ever notice how much more “hunched” you get the more stress you’re under?!), so we start pushing the shoulders back with the trapezius muscles (traps) instead of gently pulling them back with the lats.  (Latissimus dorsi)



I’ve referenced trainer Kayla Howard’s wonderful video on slouching, and it’s a great place to get the feel of it away from workouts.   The more you do this away from your workouts as well as during, the easier and more “natural” it will be.  Your lats will get stronger and you will actually be able to activate them at will!



Teresa shared an interesting tidbit at the Safety Harbor Retreat a few weeks ago.  I didn’t get to go to the actual Retreat, but several ladies stayed over for Trainer Certifications and shared the wealth of information they received.   Ribs up also helps the adrenals.   How?



Well, if you think about it, when you’re all slouchy, you are pushing the organs down and out in your belly —more out if you’re a short torso!   That puts pressure on these glands sitting on top of the kidneys, and like most of our organs, they don’t work as optimally when squished!  (Think of being squished in a tiny cubicle to do your work when you need a bigger office with better light!)



I love how T-Tapp is more than just a workout to lose inches and sizes!   One of the things that kept me “T-Tapping” even when I wasn’t seeing much outwardly was the tremendous benefits I was experiencing in my health.  I posted about the things you just can’t measure here at the forums. It’s always good to keep a notebook or list of the “little things” that add up and sometimes become more important than inch loss!


Ribs up helps so many things!  Inch loss in the arms, tummy, thighs; helping with posture and getting the back in alignment; helping the muscles in the shoulder balance so there’s less pressure pulling unequally and therefore avoiding shoulder issues (or lessening them and helping to rehab them); and now we find out good posture doesn’t just look nice and feel nice–  it helps with adrenal health, too!



And another good benefit–Nanci shared on the forums how she found out that you can’t think negative thoughts very easily when you are focusing on ribs up!  Here’s her post —good food for our “thoughts”!    Thanks for sharing, Nanci!



Stay tuned–I am hoping to announce my surprise next week and there will be giveaways as a part of it! :)



Happy Tappin’!






It’s Official!

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

I am now officially a T-Tapp trainer!  Yippee!


I certified in both Total Workout (TWO) and MORE!   The first one (TWO) was the hardest!  I’m so glad it wasn’t my first time meeting Teresa Tapp nor my first time at Safety Harbor–that would really make it overwhelming! ;)


It has been a fun week and I enjoyed a lot–and learned a lot, too!  Teresa has some exciting things coming up, including Senior Fit which will hopefully be released sometime in March/April!  Although it’s been a longer wait than she first planned, she has tweaked it and made it even better than at first!



I will be announcing some exciting things in the next few weeks, plus a few giveaways, so “stay tuned”!



And thanks for prayers and thoughts for me as I made this journey to certifications!


I also want to publicly thank my wonderful family for their support!


Happy Tappin’!