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T-Tapp Tuesday!

I really need to get back to blogging on a regular basis here!

I decided in addition to posting on Fridays, I’m also going to post about T-Tapp on Tuesdays.

Of course I’ve posted about it before (just click the T-Tapp category!), about my results both health-wise and inch-wise.

I’ve not been as consistent since my mom died last spring.  The amazing thing is, until the last few months, I really didn’t gain that much back!   What T-Tapp has done to help my metabolism is amazing!

I remember when I started, just a year later I got into a funk in January.  I did 3 short workouts weekly, and fought with the same 3/4 inch for the whole month!  (Gain it, lose it, gain it back, lose it again, gain it back…)

Six months later (1 1/2 years into “tapping”), I had another 3-short-workouts-a-week month due to busyness, and I maintained!

That was obviously an improvement!

I can’t remember the next time I had a spurt like that–maybe a year or so later–I actually kept losing inches while doing 3 short workouts a week! 

And now, barely getting 1-2 in (some weeks none) from May to October, I basically maintained!

You can’t keep doing that, of course, but what a testimony of the ability of this powerful workout to deliver–yes, truly, in just fifteen minutes a day!  This is THE workout for busy mamas! ;)

To date, I’ve lost 174 inches, 8 sizes (well, I probably gained one back since spring!) and only 29 pounds.  The most I’ve lost pound-wise is 38 pounds, then I lost 7 inches and gained 7 pounds–no, I do not understand how that works other than muscle density is TREMENDOUS!

As you gain muscle (and you may put on 5 or more pounds of spinal muscle density the first few weeks of T-Tapp), that muscle burns more calories at rest.  Fat burns no calories at rest!  I firmly believe that is why I’ve been able to maintain on fewer workouts during this time.

I jokingly say I’m trading fat for muscle!  Of course, it’s a matter of burning off the fat and building muscle.  This is why if you hang around the T-Tapp forums at all, you will often see me say, “Weight Doesn’t Matter!”   I realize if you are having knee or hip issues weight plays a part–but to just lose the weight without also building muscle means you are losing muscle mass–NOT what you want!

And the beautiful thing about T-Tapp is it rehabilitates your body from the inside out!  So as you are doing T-Tapp, you are helping to rehab your knees, build muscle AND lose the weight/inches you need to!

My life has been so changed and touched by T-Tapp, that after praying and seeking God’s will, I’ve decided (with my husband’s blessing) to pursue being a T-Tapp Trainer.  It’s a big shift for me–the foreign language major!   Physiology and muscle kinesiology (big name for studying how muscles move! LOL!)  were definitely not my forte in school!

The more I learn, though, the more and more amazed I am at how God designed our bodies–we truly are fearfully and wonderfully made!

This whole venture is only possible because of the gift of some money my mom had left.   In a small way, it is a way to keep her memory alive and honor her, by using this to help others.

I am close to finishing my ISSA trainer test–have some written work to do!   Ever try to write an essay on 6 major body joints, their functions, and exercises using them?!  Yeah, me neither!  :D   But I’m doing it now!

My goal is to be done with the ISSA part by January 26–next week!–which is my four year anniversary from when I started T-Tapp.  Who could have imagined 4 years ago that an exercise program would impact my life so much?!

After finishing the ISSA studies, I can then move on to mentoring–which is when I actually get to practice torturing tweaking my friends’ form!  

I’m looking forward to helping others find the improved health, flexibility, function and yes, even inch loss, that I have experienced.

I would appreciate prayers as I come to mind, that I will do well in my “studies” and also that I would keep foremost the goal of doing this for the glory of God.

If you’ve not been to the T-Tapp homepage, you can click the link on my sidebar and it will open a a new window and take you to the store.   For the homepage, click here.

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Did I diet, you ask?   Come back next week and I’ll share!

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    • Trisch says:

      Well, not sure *I’ve* figured out how to do it well in a dress yet! LOL!

      And I’ll just be a trainer, not the designer! But maybe we could work out a “working vacation” to come visit and do some tweaking! ;)



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