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P.S. Quote on Importance of Details (in T-Tapp)

Doing my “assignment” of reading all the posts by Teresa on the forums (yeah, that will take a little while! LOL!), I came across this gem–and it sums up why what all I said yesterday about setting up the T-Tapp stance is important!

“T-Tapp is a progressive journey for the body. Always go to your own personal best and your body will respond.  Skipping or not working details in sequence alter your body’s ability to achieve optimal results.”                                                 


~Teresa Tapp


Nowhere is that more important than the T-Tapp stance!  So take the time to set it up right, and take breaks to make sure you’re keeping it right!

Happy Tappin’!

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  1. Melissa says:

    I just read an old post of yours on Mother Culture! Could you email me? I have a question! Thx!

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