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“T-Tapp Tuesday?”

Sorry to be late…it will actually be later today when I post Workout Wednesday!

It’s been a rough few days.

Sunday we visited my step-mother-in-law.  She has AML (acute myeloid leukemia) and isn’t doing well. In fact now they found she has infection both in her bowels and her heart.  She is saved, but please pray for her to have peace and for the doctors to have wisdom.

Then Monday,  I ended up taking Susannah to the doctor, since she had been sick since Friday night and it wasn’t getting any better.  Turned out she was dehydrated!   So we spent all afternoon at the hospital getting IV fluids.

And then today…..just as I started teaching my first student (today is the last day of music lessons for the summer!) Jessica comes in the living room to tell me Bekah hurt her food badly.  I’m thinking broken bones!  But instead I find out she stepped on a nail in the barn–yeah, rusty, dirty, and no, she’s not supposed to be barefoot in the barn!  It went in about an inch, Dallas said.  OUCH!

So today has been turned topsy turvy, too!

We’d appreciate prayers for healing, for wisdom, for my SANITY! and for some “dull moments” to come! ;)

Hopefully I will be posting later today about workout gear–Lord willin’ an’ the creek don’t rise! :p

3 Responses to ““T-Tapp Tuesday?””

  1. Kelley says:

    Oh, we’re praying for you!!!! Lots of Love and Hugs coming your way!!!!!

  2. Rachel Irene says:

    Oh wow Trisch ! hang in there & our dresses can be patient too while you make it through these trials ! Hugs ~ Heather

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